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    | 20170808 | | 20180207 |
    72 ( now 73 ) year old ( me ) facing 2 to 6 years prison for  assault -- one thrust with one hand expelling from my personal space ( I smashed my left leg in a climbing accident 45 years ago so can't reach any able bodied person outside arm's length ) -- on an objectively irrational raging , in your face ( had to be ) 35 year old who thru his irrational rage at the first guest , an accomplished elder computer scientist & mathematician , for his refusing to share his "vape" and questioning his total faith in marijuana destroyed a week's annual party preparation

    | 20180201
    Despite all efforts at rational discussion and resolution , Dan May , we've known each other for years , our highly payed El Paso+Teller District Attorney is taking me to jury trial starting next Tuesday  -- delayed until April because of backlog of cases up against "speedy trial" constitutional limit -- on his indictment for 2nd degree assault . Dan who poses as a an anti-marijuana DA is here excusing and enabling irrational aggression by a 35 year old marijuana zealot who was "triggered" by an elder's mild disagreement and offer of some historical perspective and decling to "vape" with him . 

    Summary handout to Teller County Republicans and Colorado State assembly


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    Original posting | 20170808 | when I was back from 2+ days in Teller County Jail :

    My deep apologies to all who may have shown up
    expecting a pleasant friendly afternoon

    Matt Walker , tenant in the out cabin on our property , called the Teller County Police to arrest me for assault as this year's CoSy MidSummer party was just getting underway .

    Thoughts from ~ 40 hours with nothing to do but think about it in
    holding room 4 in Teller County Jail
    • Tried to think of all the physical altercations I've had in my 7 decades . Came up with 5 , the most recent a quarter century ago , the previous , another quarter century before that taking me back to when I was 19 .

    • See CoSy MidSummer Mountain Mela 2017 for an indication of how much work goes into the invitation alone . ( Mela is Hindi for gathering or party )  Matt's attack on the first , and to me the single guest who I most cared about coming ( he has ideas about 4 valued logics which I wanted to sit down with him and explore the implementation of , and thereby understanding of , in  CoSy ) destroyed that . It was like being mugged for > a week's worth of effort .

    • I feel the crucial error which I trust will be resolved following the dictum of the director of Little City where my retarded older brother Jack who died this year but would have been 76 on the day of the party resided for 4 decades :
      |(   B.Dachman: When all else  
        fails, Logic prevails.
          MON.NOV.1988.11.14        )|

      was a bias towards listening to Matt Walker's description of events and discounting my comments and dismissing , in fact expressing no interest in the fact that Matt's actions had driven away an elder , clearly accomplished guest . Further , dismissing the fact that my only action was shoving , perhaps too harshly , Matt out of my face . What was Matt doing in my face in the first place ? Matt is young and can run . I have not been able to since shattering my ankle in a climbing accident in 1972 . Clearly I could not have been attacking him . It's absolutely trivial for him to stay out of my reach .

    • Whatever injury to Matt's neck in the one and only one action I took thrusting him away from me , it did not stop Matt from instantly screaming "ASSAULT !  I'm going to call the cops and have you arrested " . It was as if he was goading and goading and goading until he finally got a reaction .

    • Matt is a nice and interesting guy 97% of the time , and just minutes before my guest arrived we had been pleasantly chatting and discussing the beauty of the view and possible plans . But when anybody questions Matt's world view on any subject , he goes ballistic . It's happened before . But , as I'll document , this was beyond that into the objectively irrational . It doesn't matter if one is rational 97% or even 99% of the time ; the irrational 1% can ruin all of that .

    • None the less , bottom line , it was wrong of me to succumb to Matt's provocations . It gave him an upper hand . I should have followed the example of my elder guest and simply turned away and gone back to the house as I did and get the email out evicting him .

    Location of the events
    Where events took place

    While Matt's insane verbal aggression against my guest  began almost immediately causing him to indicate that he would leave if Matt were to be at the party ,  the objective irrationality was displayed when after my guest and I had disengaged and proceeded down around to the house and begun chatting , etc , Matt came down and angrily  claimed my guest's Porsche Cayenne was blocking  his driveway and he couldn't get out .

    Matt's truck and trailer were along the fenced area at the left and where they had been for about a week . My guest parked his Cayenne in front of them . Matt's 4WD SUV was over in front of the cabin .

    Matt could have driven out anywhere across the field as he had many times before . ( Apparently he repeated the assertion that he was blocked in in a phone call to my sister to pick up Amos , our dog , talking about nails or whatever being in the field and she could not comprehend what he was talking about . I have asked her to write an email describing the conversation . )

    Whatever the case , Matt could have asked politely for my guest to move his car . But , of course , the premise was insane .

    Cabin in front of which Matt's
    SUV was parked

    Shed in front of which Matt had
    parked his truck & trailer > week
    Guest parked in front of it .

    Matt's truck & trailer

    Additional Observations on Teller County Jail itself

    When I related the circumstances of my facing , as it turns out , a far higher charge than any of my fellow inmates with whom I chatted , several made comments about how regulations have become so specific they preclude the application of common sense by the investigating officers .

    The officers really need body cams . The initial behavior of the individuals involved is about the most important information the court , now with 21st century technology , can include in its judgments .

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