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    CoSy MidSummer Mountain Mela 2017

    My working View . Klik for full res .
    2017 08 05 ( Saturday August 5 ) 15:00 til ...
    28124 Highway 67 /  
    Woodland Park , Colorado / 80863-9711
    See CoSy.com BobA Front Page for Google StreetView

    Enjoy an afternoon at altitude
    If you're in the State , drop on up , relax and chat
    Libertarian rules
    RSVP below or by email

    I'll be Presenting CoSy at EuroForth in Viena in September
    & planning to stop by Dyalog APL in Denmark while over yonder .
    Let me know if you or your group would like me to stop by and
    demo and introduce you to  CoSy while I'm out and about .


    CoSy in 5 sentences :

    CoSy is a melding of brilliances of the 2 greatest Fathers of computer language I have had the privilege to know , Ken Iverson's APL and Charles Moore's Forth .
    Forth's philosophical goal is minimal vocabulary to create a dictionary capable of extending itself ; APL's is succinct notation for the expression of applied mathematics , that is : the combinatoric application of functions to data .

    Forth builds its dictionary on a chip's instruction set in a single address space ; APLs' on dynamic array data , ( nouns ) , functions ( verbs ) , and operators ( adverbs including verbs as arguments ) .

    Forth's simple stack structure and read-it do-it syntax enhanced with a reference counted lists of lists vocabulary creates a language unique in flexibility with APL ( via K ) simplicity in the expression of complex processes -- all with a footprint of kilobytes rather than megabytes .

    CoSy continues the evolution of decades of notebook=diary=log=IDE environments built in open APL  for artificial aid in the every day business of life .

    The Ritchie Prize
    William Ritchie's 1833 Experiment demonstrating absorption and emission are just two directions thru the same filter
    Richtmyer's 1928 description of the Richie's  Experiment simply using hot water

    I'm working to establish a fund for a prize for the best "YouTube" quantitative experimental test of any of the non-optional classical physical computations necessary to get from the Sun's output to our mean surface temperature . | 20170424.1405 |

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    Henry/Stark County IL sunset at Armstrong Clan Reunion

    -- Bob Armstrong -- CoSy.com --
     ( 719-337-2733 ; SKYPE: cosybob ;  twitter@BobArmstrong ;
    I reserve the right to post all communications I receive or generate to CoSy website for further reflection .

    Previous Party Invite
    CoSy MidSummer Mountain Mela 2016

    Sat.Aug,20160806  , 28124 CO hwy 67 / 80863

    New York MidWinter Archive

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