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I won't work for you , but I'd love to work with you .  Get  CoSy and let see what we can do .

Re : Planetary temperature
Computational Earth Physics   The Ritchie Prize
Seeking an executable understanding of the differential in a voxel
because mapping it over a sphere is rather trivial in an APL like CoSy

  •   Particles moving "up" in a gravitational field slow down , ie: cool ;
  •   Those moving down speed up , ie: heat .
Newton's Law of Gravity which explains how much faster satellites go in lower orbit also explains how much faster molecules go at the bottoms of atmospheres and thus quantitatively explains the temperature profiles of all planets whatever their atmosphere including the ~ 33c warmer the bottom of our atmosphere is than our radiative balance with the Sun .

The GHG paradigm , excluding the Law of Gravity in violation even of conservation of energy , being false , has thus never presented a testable equation quantifying their asserted spectral "trapping" nor an experimental demonstration of it .

Gravity not "Green House Gas" spectrum  is why the bottoms of atmospheres are hotter than their tops .
But it is not in the energy balance equations .

In APL ( K )

directory of
other resources

As they say , my check from XOM ( other than a 3 digit dividend ) never comes .
My talk on the AlGoreWarming fraud ,  Fri.Mar,20190322.1800 at the WhistlingPines Gun Club

More Destructive than Stalin's Lysenkoism

We are lucky to be living in one of the thin peaks between ice ages . It used to be grade school science that green life is built on CO2 and H2O married by solar energy thru photosynthesis releasing O2 . And we animals consume those plants and reverse the reaction for the energy which animates us .  details

For those who truly grok classical physics , it should become clear upon reflection that of the 2 macroscopic forces only asymmetric centripetal GRAVITY can "trap" heat , ie : energy , and in fact must do so to make the equations balance . Photons themselves heat ( blue shift ) in a gravitational well . In fact simple computations match atmospheric temperature profiles with undeniable accuracy for all measured planets .  See recently my comments on , eg : Watts Up With That : On #COP21 and the Madness of Crowds .
ElectroMagnetic spectral effects, constrained by the Divergence Theorem , cannot .

Al Gore & James Hansen "Green House Gas" demonization of CO2 , the source of carbon to carbon based life , gets an F in physics at a very fundamental level . The non-quantitative  "bait and switch"  in  Hansen et al's 1981 paper astounded me when I  read it after  a tip from  Ralph Keeling .  The hypothesis is that more CO2 will raise effective altitude at which CO2 finally has an open path to radiate to space ; It's colder higher , therefore CO2 will radiate less -- thus ( denying the gravity is why its colder up there , and without equation ) it will trap and be responsible for the entire temperature profile below . The paper is an embarrassment to NASA .

Presentation @ Heartland Institute's
9th International Conference on Climate Change
of planetary temperature in a few lines of APL showing that Al Gore's witchdoctor James Hansen's claim that Venus is a runaway greenhouse fails undergraduate physics
How to Calculate the Temperature of a Radiantly Heated Colored Ball 
Like Our Earth

The Ritchie Prize
William Ritchie's 1833 Experiment demonstrating absorption and emission are just two directions thru the same filter
Richtmyer's 1928 description of the Richie's  Experiment simply using hot water

I'm working to establish a fund for a prize for the best "YouTube" quantitative experimental test of any of the non-optional classical physical computations necessary to get from the Sun's output to our mean surface temperature . | 20170424.1405 |

Donate to this prize . I'm starting it off with $25

 | Sun.Jan,20160117 | I've made the big leagues ! DeSmogBlog has profiled me
One of the premier climate alarmist websites has a pretty good bio of me . My only quibble is that I was
co-author on several forgettable ( and apparently forgotten ) peer reviewed articles while in grad school .
It did give me an insight into the pal review game .