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  Bob Armstrong Vita
For those who truly grok classical physics , it should become clear upon reflection that of the 2 macroscopic forces only asymmetric centripetal GRAVITY can "trap" heat , ie : energy , and in fact must do so to make the equations balance and in fact simple computations match atmospheric temperature profiles with undeniable accuracy for all measured planets .  See recently my comments on , eg : Watts Up With That : On #COP21 and the Madness of Crowds .

Presentation @ Heartland Institute's
9th International Conference on Climate Change
of planetary temperature in a few lines of APL showing that Al Gore's witchdoctor James Hansen's claim that Venus is a runaway greenhouse fails undergraduate physics

ElectroMagnetic spectral effects, constrained by the Divergence Theorem , cannot
Al Gore & James Hansen
"Green House Gas" demonization of CO2 , the source of carbon to carbon based life , gets an F in physics at a very fundamental level .

 | Sun.Jan,20160117 | I've made the big leagues ! DeSmogBlog has profiled me
One of the premier climate alarmist websites has a pretty good bio of me . My only quibble is that I was
co-author on several forgettable ( and apparently forgotten ) peer reviewed articles while in grad school .
It did give me an insight into the pal review game .

Bob Armstrong , Path to Now