Our DA is
Enabling Abuse of Elders by an Irrational Marijuana Zealot
at $1000s Taxpayer Cost
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Next Tuesday I will be defending myself , pro se , against Dan May's Indictment for 2nd degree assault facing 2 years minimum for a single <15 second response after thirty minutes of irrational agression against my 67 year old guest and myself , now 73 , for shoving with my left hand a raging 35 year old marijuana zealot ,  Matt Walker /the420refugee out of my face .

Briefly :
  • I hold a CoSy MidSummer Party every year .
  • My first guest last August , a 67 year old computer scientist and mathematician . arrived a little early .
  • Matt Walker offered him his new marijuana "vape" pipe which my guest declined and offered some history explaining why he was against drugs . Matt went into an in-his-chest rage as he is wont to do whenever his world view is questioned . 
  • To get away from him my guest and I left him and came down to the house .
  • After taking time to email "Buffoons Are Anti-Cannabis" with respect to my guest ( which logically would also apply to his opinion of our DA ), Matt came down after us and belligerently and objectively irrationally railed that his car was being blocked by my guest's altho Matt's car was  by his cabin 30 feet away .
  • My guest had had enough and left .
  • Matt continued raging right up in my face and finally , he having ruined the day , I grabbed him by the neck with my left hand , shook him , saying something to the effect of "did he understand what he had just done" and shoved him away .
    • This is my first altercation of any kind in a quarter century .
    • I could not possibly reach any 35 year old with 2 good legs who was not in my face because beyond being in my 70s , I smashed my left ankle in a climbing accident in 1972 and have limped ever since . I iron a patch on the right leg of my pants because I rest my leg there so much .
  • Matt immediately screamed he was going to have me arrested for assault and proceeded to .
  • I spent the next 50+ hours experiencing Teller County Jail ( which is well run )

  • Subsequently , despite 2 intervals the court set for the purpose DDA Beth Reed evaded all attempts to get together for rational discussion .  In the many Cripple Creek court hearings over the last , now 3%4of a year , the one she did not get to was the telephoning in of her decision to take the case to trial .

  • Despite Dan May's comments at the February Teller County Republican meeting about watching every penny he has cost thousands pursuing the enabling of an aggressive irrational "snowflake's" attack on elders responded to with a single repulse and has so clogged the court with such -- what in the past would have been trivialities demanding perhaps apologies all around -- that the case is up against the "speedy trial" limit .
Thank the Founders for the 6th Amendment
See : http://cosy.com/y17/MMM17disaster.html for details , links and documents
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