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Teller County Jail itself
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  • Bob Armstrong

    | 20170808 |

    Observations on Teller County Jail itself

    • The personnel are all very professional . The is not one who I felt was anything other than friendly and courteous in performing their jobs .

    • The paperwork is overwhelming . Part of this is due to the necessity of explaining and receiving acknowledgement of understanding and signatures from each individual inmate . But any efforts at streamlining these processes would greatly reduce costs and time for incoming inmates for whom the many hours in holding rooms was compared by one fellow inmate as like being in solitary but with other people in the room . But it's clear that it's not because the staff are slacking off ; it's because of the massive amount of processing required .

    • The finger print reader sucks . It's failure rate at getting acceptable prints is a great time waster . I could do better .  Pattern recognition is the sort of task which motivate the foundations of CoSy .

    • They need to invest in a new "bathroom" scale . The one in use reads close to 10 pounds light .

    • I found I can no longer do a pull-up but sank my first basketball in > half a century .

    • The prison underware is brown . Result of long experience ?

    • All their clocks seem to run slow .  But when I got out 52 hours had elapsed .
    When I related the circumstances of my facing , as it turns out , a far higher charge than any of my fellow inmates with whom I chatted , several made comments about how regulations have become so specific they preclude the application of common sense by the investigating officers .

    The officers really need body cams . The initial behavior of the individuals involved is about the most important information the court , now with 21st century technology , can include in its judgments .

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