The Conic All Connect
a Vision for a   Spire of Commerce   for Historic Manhattan

You could
suspend a stadium
in the

Conic All Connect
over the West Side Rail Yards
and still build incredible
multi-use life space above

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Since Daniel Lebeskind's memorial to Bin Laden's success and the icons of our past Liberty has been selected for our 16 acre hole , the Conic All Connect is available for licensing to any aspiring World Capital , with particular appeal in seismic areas , wishing to build the tallest , strongest life space on the planet .

If you are interested in participating in the reification of this vision , contact me .

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"Your WTC solution is the most inspiring one I have seen and is the only one which makes the needed statement that we are
"greater than before and greater than the world ever knew".
I expect, however, that the final design will be awarded based on political criteria."   200506 Bill Voegele

  • 800 ft ( 250m ) across , 1600 ( 500m ) or more tall .
    Currently the twin Towers of Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia are the world's tallest buildings . The base of the Spire of Commerce would span the World Trade Center site ; the structure forming a protective frame within which crystalline buildings are formed by dropping verticals from intersections of the shell at various levels ( see plan view below )

  • Strong : The "All Connect" graph or mandala connects every corner to every other . Therefore each corner radiates loads to all others providing a strong shell protecting the structures within .

  • Unifying : The space , the building and the monument are one . Around the core buildings , the 12 ( or 24 ) fold symmetry of the All Connect marks the the points of the compass and the hours of the day , and contains the rectangular and hexagonal symmetries of major religions .

  • Straight forward construction : The drawings here are composed of the 492 lines or beams making up the "parts list" of the structural model . The patent pending algorithms which generate it can be interfaced with standard engineering design systems .

Bob Armstrong   20021101
One night more than a month of weekends ago , unbidden , this notion coalesced for a monumental structure fitting the requirements of reasserting the global competence of our neighborhood , and honoring my friends John Perry and big George , the WTC engineer who's overdue at John Street Bar & Grill .

I am only what might be called a mathematical programmer . All I have to offer is this skeleton of a shell . Making it real will require real architects and engineers . If you have talents , resources and interest in working to flesh out this notion into a globally competitive proposal , please get in touch .

Possible site plan

Brooklyn Bridge Skyline

    / 20030110 / .... I was very glad to meet you at the Community Board 1 hearings Monday , and particularly to be able to give you an image of the Conic All Connect against the Hudson skyline . It is the product of a restless night last August of a resident of the neighborhood who carries the mathematics to make the vision real -- so felt compelled to do so . I appreciate very much the emphasis I have heard on this being a phase to collect a "vocabulary" of concepts to be integrated into what we leave the future . Obviously I have just one component - the skyline , and its zenith shadow upon the ground . Because of its many symmetries there exist many possible associations with the site . The site plan I have included , ( based on Daniel Libeskind's image - with a piece of his circle showing ) aligns the west and south edges of major horizontals with the edges of the Trade Center foot prints . But that's just one notion . The programming environment in which the Conic All Connect was solved is literally 21st century Manhattan product . With respect to staging . The fundamental parameters are center point , radius , and slope or height . I think the spire ought to be completed first , creating an enormous cathedral of light an shadow , and protecting the space within . Fredric Schwartz's designs and several of the others show the flexibility of what can be done within a latticework . Sitting down with real engineers , it should be rather easy to compute the cost of the Spire itself , and materials specifications , etc . One thing is clear , no other design is in the same ball park in terms of withstanding attacks like those we have experienced . Commerce not Conflict , Peace thru Freedom ,
    / 20030112 / .... I have no grand proposal , just a single design element . If used , the extent of my participation would be the granting of a license and likely a consulting fee . I think the Spire is self-evidentially a single thought , not an elaborated theme . Day dreams and night thoughts pay no attention to RFPs and timetables . If the vision of grabbing the center of an All Connect Graph ( an image I have lived with for many years ) and pulling it into a cone , and the strength and majesty of the resulting form , had not , one night last August , happened into my wandering thoughts about these difficult times and lost friends , I would have remained an onlooker in this whole process . But having the vision , and being perhaps uniquely capable of "solving" it in a timely fashion to compute the parts list of 492 "beams" required for its construction , I was compelled to . Now , my one determination is to be sure everyone knows that it is a very doable option . Beyond that , the decision is out of my hands . The Spire must inspire its own reification . Mr Garvin's presentation at CB1 on Monday , and the discussions at the MAS workshop Wednesday made clear the essential need for an idea of what the All Connect would look like on the ground instead of in the sky , and for thoughts on the sequencing of construction . I believe the comments in my [ other letter ] and the example site plan I have added to the Conic All Connect website , bring those essentials to a par with the solicited submissions . Last Monday and Wednesday I heard several times that the process up to this point was a "brain storming" to generate the space of design concepts from which to synthisize our legacy . In any case , I will be promulgating this element as widely as possible in the next couple of weeks . Commerce not Conflict , Peace thru Freedom ,
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