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    Conic All Connect Design 
    for World Trade Center hole

    Prime Lesson

    Scramble fighter escorts
    for any commercial flight
    deviating from its flight plan


    John Perry
    ( Finest )

    Despite the millions spent on government studies of "terrorism" , apparently not one of those great expensive minds ever envisioned the misappropriation of a hijacked plane .
        [ 20040406 / : Where Was The Air Force? ]

      /200109241230/ CSPAN : apparently NORAD and the airlines are already implementing the suggestions below .

    Surely they could not be so foolish as to believe that the sometimes silly airport security protocols would never be breached ? While these screens did work well enough to degrade the weapons used down to blades , they also totally disarmed not only every other passenger , but every crew member as well . Despite this disadvantage , the brave people aboard the Pennsylvania plane ended by their action , the protocol of non-resistance to hijackers .
      It's not a matter of money . Immediately , all commercial airline officers , so many of whom earned their wings in the military , should be allowed to carry weapons .


    All consideration was on creating a shell -- which incidentally impinges most on individual privacy at great distributed cost . Nothing , not a thing , was done to protect against the consequences of a penetration .
    Not a thing was in place to ensure the integrity of American airspace .

      It's not a matter of money . Massachusetts to California transcontinentals lurched off their flight paths without a protocol to scramble fighters at mach 2 to escort and assist them .

    Harry Browne observes that we have the greatest National Offense , not Defense , in the history of the world .
    It has shown itself to be totally useless to defend us against the known enemies we have , failing to heed George Washington's admonition to keep a business arms-length from other country's conflicts , in part , created for ourselves .


    Caught with their pants down , the reaction has all to often been stupid restrictions of movement . These are the greatest threat to our economic health .
    We cannot survive , much less thrive , without freedom .


    Locally , pedestrians south of 14th Street , a half an hour walk away from any activity , e.g.: Orchard at Houston , were asked for multiple picture IDs just to walk home . It's not like there were masses of people intent on doing anything other than either help or stay out of the way .
    It was very reasonable to still ban traffic south of Canal Street last Sunday . Barricading Chinatown from foot traffic , carding 4ft 6in grandmothers carrying groceries home was not ; it cost lots of business on a most important market day .

    Restricting pedestrians to valid residents below the Brooklyn Bridge was most reasonable -- our lights were off . A platoon of Blues and a squad of whites restricting me from walking straight UP St. James Street to Chinatown Wednesday night in search of an open bar with a TV , instead diverting me 20 yards over to wander up thru the Alfred Smith Houses showed a payroll without a rational purpose .
    Thus I learned , that to avoid any police , you simply had to walk far enough east thus coming down thru all the Con Ed work and liquid nitrogen trucks which remain under the FDR out my window .

    Yellow "Police Line" tape is all too cheap , and therefore stupidly used . Even now there are sections of sidewalks taped off for no rational purpose , forcing pedestrians into the streets - even some which are heavily traveled bottlenecks .


    Please do not miss take my observations . New York City's systems and governance befit it's status as a world center . It is truly amazing the level of normalcy which has been reestablished in a week . While this suicidal stroke at the global mind ablated a core nucleus , even that nucleus and the information it processed , is minor in the totality of world commerce . As long as we do not allow the converging global state to clog our arteries of exchange with irrational impediments , we'll be ok .
    Never has there been a more important time to understand the Libertarian message .

    And , please everyone out there , the pressing needs of NYC at this time do not include more checkpoint personnel . Neither does your town . That is not what failed . [ /20011011/ see also No Surprise email from ]

    /2001091809/ -- /200109191355/

    /200109181048/ CSPAN : Mahadi Bray great . If you don't have CSPAN , you do not know what goes on in this country .
    /1104/ Stanley Cohen : We in NYC are in occupied teritory .
    /1221/ Giuliani wearing uniform with shoulder badge . SBA preference to restaurants and Broadway . At most , should be a brokerage of private sources .
    /2001091912/ Pakistan President not stating moral case for excision of perpetrators , rather expediency . Is asking for evidence .

    / ==================== / tue.sep.20010911 / ==================== /
    /0637/  Up early for meeting  8-10 @ 55 Broad , Fl 4 :
    NY Econ Devel . "Will Consumers Ever Pay for [ web ] Content?" .
    /0740/ Gussied up in my powder blue & white seersucker suit with my fine white shirt , watchworks cufflinks and Jay Whipple's "APL" blue bow tie ; dandied down thru the middle of the Fish Market gathering thumbs up and "nice suit" from overalled aproned and gloved crews . Will the fish market return from Hunts Point now that it
    has prematurely detoured there ?
    /0839/ Subject: Alliance Presents "Will Consumers Ever Pay for Content?" [ notes below . Excellent panel ; what makes NY is great . ]

    About a half hour into the meeting , we heard what sounded like thunder ,
    accompanied by a flash like lightning but with a clatter of what we later
    realized was shrapnel .
    We looked questioningly at each other , but continued with the meeting .

    Perhaps 20 minutes later , into Q & A s , Alexia Henke announced the noise had been
    a suicide plane crash into WTC tower . It must have actually been the second /0929/
    Q&A's ended almost immediately /0931/

    Outside , ash and paperwork fluttered down from the gapes far above .

    / Oh Shit / came from more lips than mine /

    I remember also a some stapled sheets of Chinese - with pie charts .
    /1056/ TV : Clinton admin security guy : illegal to destroy civilian airplane in flight . Silly , like law that NYSE can not be closed more than 3 days . c< Jeanette ; Joyce ; Raj /1323/ DNH : 14/ c< Agoralogos LLC 916-- ; Ruhl & Ruhl / emails of concern from England , Russia , Illinois . / Pearl Harbor 2400 dead . /1358/ Last night met & got card of a guy at Morgan Stanley ; 2 WTC Fl 73 .
    He most probably would have been clicking today .
    !! 20041007 : Dan's OK !! ( and still at MS ) ( 20070615.1309 | removed actual name because googlers saw truncated ref wondered if the one they met was real . )
    / Power went off when 7 WTC fell on substation ~ 18 while I napping
    /2011/ no cell fone service / may as well go to China town . [ didnt ]

    /2051/ It took 20th century mathematics and science and technology -- profound
    understanding of the deep structure of reality to create , and World Trade to
    motivate the erection of the towers of the WTC . It took 6th century religion
    fueled by a life time of oppression in an even more anciently ossified theocracy
    driven by its own pogroms ( particularly the Hitler's National Socialists )
    hijacking even more advanced 20th century technology , to crumble them and the
    life they supported .
    /2152/ /2208/ caravan of frontloaders go by on FDR / If US did it , we would call it a surgical strike . Smart bombs : don't even have to martyr any body ; but easy if you do . / ==================== / thu.sep.20010913 / ==================== / /1426/ still no power . cooking melted ravioli on lighter lit stove . Continue to reflexively flip bathroom light switch / w go walk nbd / Up to 176+1%2 Mulberry til closing . Pakistan lost 650 in WTC .
    Bill Moyers guest phrase : " Altruistic murderers " .
    Sunday evening to Jeanne's in China town . [ /20010925/ Glad I had great big chunk of salami from visiting a Sam's Club
    for the first time , the previous week with my cousin Jean in IL
    / ==================== / mon.sep.20010917 / ==================== /
    /1245/ Power on ; no phone /
    /2114/ cable back on /
    20E6 % .2 />/ 1e8 / sq ft off market ; .2 of total 100Msqft downtown .

    Alexia Henke Subject: Alliance Presents "Will Consumers Ever Pay for Content?" When: Tuesday, September 11, 8:00 am - 10:00 am Where: Global Community Digital Sandbox, 55 Broad Street, 4th Floor Speakers: Bob Ponce, Silicon Alley Station (; Omar Wasow, (; Sarah Bunting, Tomato Nation ( Sponsored by the New York City Economic Development Corporation Increasingly, internet content sites are requiring fees . The Downtown Alliance presents an Industry Panel Discussion "Will Consumers Ever Pay for Content?" subscription fees or setting up special "premium" sections in order to increase revenue. Why isn't advertising working the way it does for traditional media? Are consumers willing to pay for content, when they already pay for their connection and their software? What models are working? Three experts on internet content will address these questions and others at the Downtown Alliance's next industry panel discussion. /0839/ Alexia : Primary day . Thank NY Econ Development Council , Digital Sand box .
    Speakers: Bob Poncé is Stationmaster of Silicon Alley Station ),
    an Internet radio site covering technology and business news and trends from a
    Silicon Alley perspective. As one of Silicon Alley's leading experts on
    convergence and the Internet, he has been a panelist at numerous seminars and
    has written for Business Week Online, and MP3 Impact (a record industry
    publication on digital music).

    In 1999 Bob also wrote a white paper for IEEE on the future of digital music.
    He has provided consulting for clients such as HBO and The New York Times.
    Poncé also served as President of WWWAC , a nonprofit
    organization representing Silicon Alley's first community of Web developers
    and entrepreneurs. He has provided research assistant to organizations such
    as MIT's Media Lab, Fujitsu Research Institute and Working Today, served as
    vice chair of NY Software Summit 2000 and he is on the Advisory Board for the
    Silicon Alley Portable Health Fund. Speaker of the City Council Peter Vallone
    appointed Poncé to the Board of Advisors of New York City's Emerging
    Industries Fund.

    Omar Wasow :Writing software code from the age of eleven and online since twelve,
    Omar has honed his high-tech skills for nearly 20 years. Now age 30, he is the
    Executive Director of at Community Connect Inc. and the Internet
    Analyst for WNBC. Under Wasow’s leadership, was launched in
    September 1999 and has grown at an exceptional pace to become leading site for
    African Americans and one of the 50 most popular sites on the Net.
    In addition to his work on, Wasow works to demystify technology
    issues in his role as the Internet Analyst for NBC. Wasow tutored Oprah Winfrey
    in her first exploration of the Net in the 12-part series Oprah Goes Online.
    In 1993 Wasow founded New York Online and helped companies as diverse as Consumer
    Reports, Samsung and The New Yorker execute successful Internet strategies.
    He has since been described by The New York Times as "Silicon Alley’s
    Philosopher-Prince," and by Newsweek magazine as one of the "fifty most
    influential people to watch in cyberspace." As a result of his active
    participation in a number of social issues, particularly school reform, Wasow
    was selected to be a fellow in the Rockefeller Foundation's Next Generation
    Leadership program. Wasow lives in Brooklyn, New York and can be reached at .

    Sarah D. Bunting, chief cook and bottle-washer at Early Girl Inc., is publisher of
    Tomato Nation, a site featuring a weekly editorial and somewhat brusque advice
    column, and co-publisher of Mighty Big TV, the site that watches TV so you don't
    have to. A writer and editor by trade, she has been involved in various content
    endeavors on the Web since 1995, including Adam Curry's Metaverse, Carlton UK's
    "," Fametracker, Plasmotica, Chicklit, the upcoming, and various corporate copywriting projects.

    AH : Michael Kinsley Slate Article May :
    No one in traditional radio , tv has gotten paid for content , so what's new ?

    BP : Always been Combination : HBO not free . Porn milionaires .
    vs free to build audience . Community sites self-generate .
    Omar went > 1E6 members in 1 yr . would be ~ 7 if charged fee .

    OW : Luckily have > 7 . TV & Radio frozen by regulation . Free not necessarily
    natural way . Bandwidth does cost - use Globex - 8 cages - keep down streaming
    because of cost . Only ubiquitous media can survive on ads . Must have
    subscriptions to support quality content .

    BP : disagree : must offer streaming - live events sponsored .
    Exploring syndication to other media .

    SB : Ads no longer sufficient . writing about Felicity on the WB - hard to
    convince people to pay for that . Medium still too young to charge -
    New teks : "Pop-Under" widows , annoying .
    Salon subscription not unqualified success . Ads run by brokers .
    PopUnders are effective .

    OW : E.G : X-10 camera [ PopUnder ] . His co sucessful because build own tek
    AOL style Big YES little no buttons .
    Interupt w full page user correlated ads . tightly integrated loop .
    Mag subscriptions - as volume business .

    PB : need add insertions for streaming media . Logistics still being worked
    out . easier to monetize smaller signg

    O : w it greet you " Hello Omar " .

    Sara : took no VC .

    BP : Sloppy lab , no controls , but can see everyone elses experiments .
    Tru Free press . Omar works for GE/NBC .

    OM : free press both literally & figuratively .

    SH : Geocities . Salon Premium :

    BP : free labors of love . BMW FIlms marry contents .

    Omar : handfull in "elite" audience looked @ BMW films . blew up machine .
    build DB around interest field subscription
    Consumer reports profitable . Why WSJ not ? .
    Current or Comprehensive -

    Sara : Is the content exclusive . charge for archives ? Their users won't pay
    for archives . Web personalities - all stars . Access Hollywood mentions ,

    BP : back to BMW - Omar downloadus interuptis .
    enjoys films . Powerkeg - BMW X-5 . ( vs X10 )

    AH : Star w Madonna : thought was long & repetitive ad .

    BP : chick film , Asian film

    Aud : Victoria secret models driving BMWs . provide pure successful .

    Sara : We're whores , we'll try just about everything . Ronco model .
    consumers bitch & moan on any new tek or even web format changes , then
    settle down .

    BP : Superbowl commercials : ( EDS cat herders ) .

    OW: the person who pays is your customer . advertorial sections .

    BP : cant piss off viewers , O : can compromise them considerably .

    AUd : OW profitable ? no but rev up , subscription dating service . deal
    w mkt research svc . must keep content costs low . hard to be an independent
    web publisher - amortize tek across 3 chat sites .
    ad supported w/o ad sales team . Powell doctrine : overwhelming dominence .
    Only way to - need stark advantage .

    PB : started w/o : / 3.7M users OW : advantage : being software Co , engieering
    code advantage

    Aud O+ : Editorial v Consumer side . Web , started pure editorial , now cynacism
    because of commerciality .

    Sara : was seen as utopia . that is over . I user as well as producer .

    Aud : micropayment ? BP : Pay pal : small site . micropayments not totally solved

    SH : Suicide plane crash into WTC touer .

    BP : Napster now being replaced w monitized model . jury still out .
    Liquid audio stunning failure .

    CoSy : Ultimate Executive NoteComputer

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