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    Reach s" Hello World "
    and collect HelloPrize
    Click to download latest
    Unzip into Windows root directory , eg: 
    Open file explorer and run either
         CoSy.bat or 4thCoSy shortcut
    CoSy currently only runs in WinTel .
    I've gotten so frustrated with some error in the GitHub directory I've reverted to simple downloading a .zip  directly from here .

    Most Recent YouTube :
    nub & grp , a couple of high-level verbs useful for accounting

    What it is  Why it is  screen demos

    Intro Playlist
    Colorado Springs Open Source Presentation

    Presentation Screens

    part of the
    sucks but it's up

     YouTube series

    My talk :

    CoSy language for the Twitter age

    for all and only announcements
     directly related to CoSy 
      Github Download
    YouTube : downloading & starting
    Extract contents and run  CoSy.bat
    Extra credit : tweet us your comments good or bad
    make your own branch
     GitHub : CoSyBob/CoSy
    Jump in the Pool :
    Download Free & Open

    Also FaceBook

    Significant Emails Archived at
    Yahoo/ ... /CoSy-Alphas/

    Evolving Kick Start Deals . Just added a Patreon page

    Seeking Alphas
    Opening Screen Shot
    CoSy Opening Screen Shot 0191022


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     I reserve the right to post all communications I receive or generate to CoSy website for further reflection .
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