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    Images of some MidWinter Gatherings
    =>MidWinter Gathering : Saturday February 13pm
    Thru my years in New York , I maintained a tradition of parties celebrating being half way from winter solstice to vernal equinox ( ~ Feb 4 ) . These became widely anticipated particularly among the artiste demi-monde with an admixture of the Wall Street dog&pony crowd and an occasional APL programmer . Even memorable blizzards did not stop the parties at PeckSlip .

    80863 t'ain't the same , even with 4WD .

    Anyway , a party is good motivation to clean up the place and maybe lay in a keg , especially before sister Joyce and niece Brooke get back from their 6 weeks scoping out SEAsia . Since it entered their
    15 day window , AccuWeather's prognosis for Saturday February 13pm has gone up then down , now back up , but that's the date . I figure I'll corral the horses and open the gate , and maybe smoke a turkey , and que sera , sera . See CoSy.com for directions .

    CoSy Update :
    I spent a financially painful amount of time last year battling the anti-science , anti-freedom eco-leninist war on the anabolic half of the respiratory cycle of life . I implemented a Forum on CoSy mainly as a place to archive many of my posts in the blog trenches . Interestingly I was censored from an alarmist blog because , essentially , of my "obsession" with understanding the actual physics . Last spring I finally gave up anticipating 4th.CoSy maturing to the point of publishing algorithms , so of necessity , reverted to K.CoSy to implement the essential textbook relationships for radiantly heated non-uniform gray spheres last spring . Mike Day in England kindly translated the code to also run in Dyalog APL and J . These few lines of code and their obvious extension to full spectra are a better start at quantitatively understanding planetary temperature than the non-orthogonal "cold earth" assumption which is the source of the claim we are about 33c warmer than if we had no atmosphere . ( More physically relevant is that we are about 8c warmer than a uniform gray ball , however light or dark . )  Frankly , I find the understanding of the physics on both sides of the debate pathetic and there is a gaping need for a Chandrasekhar to thoroughly elaborate the temperature structure of planets and their atmospheres . If , as the warmists insist , the extremely high surface temperature of Venus does not imply an internal heat source despite all thermodynamic equations and common sense saying heat flows from hot to cold , then we should be able to scale the phenomenon to industrial earth size and satisfy our energy needs for ever . How senior "scientists" from NASA to U of Chicago can claim this without succinct rigorous proof or experimental demonstration is indicative of the damage to true science this "political science" has done .

    This year my focus is on assuring our financial future , which means a lot of accounting in old
    K.CoSy , which is an exceptionally powerful and , most importantly malleable , accounting system . It's unlikely that I will be able to devote the month-scale blocks of time needed to advance 4th.CoSy , which I see ultimately providing a simpler but more powerful and open environment than K.CoSy , on any environment from server to cell phone . I've been in conversations with an acquaintance made at Bob Flaherty's  Equities conferences in NYC . Mike has some very impressive data bases of US corporate financial filings with unique analytics in APL . There is clearly a lot of work to be done , but enormous upside synergies of our working together .

    We've moved elder brother Jack into the main house , so now have a cabin available for any friends who may want to visit from the east  in exchange , perhaps , for a little fixing up . Niece Kristan is approaching the completion of her undergraduate degree in applied math and physics at Boulder . I'm impressed and jealous . I've been reading , but not doing the problems , in a dog eaten copy of her electrodynamics text .

    Our ( Joyce's ) menagerie currently consists of 4 dogs , 7 cats , 4 horses , 9 ( down from 10 last week ) ducks , a cockatoo , and a one eyed conure . The loss of the duck shows we also have plenty of company from our surrounding Pike Forrest .

    -- Bob Armstrong -- CoSy.com -- 719-337-2733 --
    I reserve the right to post all communications I receive or generate to CoSy website for further reflection .