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    Jack , 2012 07 15 w hat Joyce got in Mid East

    Jack is my Brother , a couple of years older than me . He was a premy in the early `40s and suffered probable anoxia at birth followed by pure oxygen in his incubator . He has some symptoms of Retrolental Fibroplasia , but I have never heard that diagnosis from anyone . I would think it would be diagnosable with a simple opthalmoscope . But he clearly has central damage as well . One of my vivid childhood memorys was when , while our parents were having a party so Jack and I were playing up in my room , I bopped him over the head with the paper tube core of a Scott Towel roll . He fell into a Grand Mal seizure . That ended the party . The state of medicine in the mid `50s was such that the proceedure for quelling the seizure til the doctor got there was a bath with a can of Coleman Mustard Powder . Since then Jack has lived on prescribed drug cocktails of phenobarbital , anti-psychotics , anti-depressants , etc .
    Having a brother like Jack has structured a great deal of my life , including spending the '70s trying to figure out how brains work .

    Jack`s writing ability is much worse now than it was in his early teens . Click here for writing sample from a trip to his grandmother in Kewanee IL in the late `50s when he would have been in his mid teens . Everyone who knows him now will be amazed that at one time he was capable of such a letter even if actively coached by his grandmother ( who is also the source of his immersion in Christianity ) .

    None the less , his art , done in collaboration with visiting & staff artists at Little City definitely reflects his unique world view .

    A family friend who herself runs a graphics arts company sent the write-up below from the Chicago Tribune of a show the fall of `98 .

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