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    make your own branch  
     GitHub : CoSyBob/CoSy

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    4th.CoSy is built on
    Both of these have substantial updates available .
    There are , in particular , bugs in the use of IUP which cause the GUI to bomb if an attempt is made to resize the window after anything has been executed .
    Lesson_0 :
    save everything

    You should be able to just
    • download the zip file  
    • unzip the  4th.CoSy directory in it into your c: drive root directory
    • find and execute the 4thCoSy shortcut inside
    and it should start right up .

     ! >>> !  Unless your anti-virus software , eg Norton , chokes on Reva.exe .  I've worked thru the problem twice but am far from having it down to an algorithm . If you know how to defeat these things , please post .  ( a reason for moving to Reva2011 which has no problem )
    | Fri.May,2016052.1451 | 4th.CoSy | Windows Defender decided to quarantine reva.exe  Win32/Fethar.B!cl | Was fairly straight forward to make exception for reva.exe .                        !<<<!

    As a first example ,
    • open up some space in the  text  window ,
    • Tap F12 to insert a DayLine
    • Copy or write the line below 
    • save your environment by tapping  control_s and execute using  shift_F6 . You should see the answer in the res window .
        1 _i  2 _i  -i     | executed by tapping F6
    The big difference is , eg , try

      10000 _iota  2 _i  -i     |
    Let me know how it goes .
    I use Slava Pestov's  Jedit source code editor .  It provides syntax coloring and multiple open buffers allowing multiple windows into any of them . Here's a screen shot of my working environment . Click for full size .

    It is better to have 100 functions operate on one data structure
    than 10 functions on 10 data structures. 
    Alan Perlis : Epigrams in Programming #9                  
    The CoSy Object Header is 4 cells :
    0 means list
    rho ) number of items
    Refs | bits
    data data

    Reva Forth Vocabulary

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    If you have any projects you would care to emphasize , let me know .
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