Subject: Re : Enabling the Abuse of Elders
From: Bob Armstrong <>
Date: 2017-11-29 11:39
To: Dan May c/o <>, Elizabeth Reed <>, Jason Mikesell <>
CC: Pete LaBarre <>, Sam Sloan <>
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Dan ,

I am once again addressing this to you because it is your name on your Indictment for 2nd Deg Assault , case D0602017CR000178 , of me with a potential penalty of 2 to 6 years for perhaps a little harshly shoving an objectively aggressive and irrational heavy marijuana user less than half my 73 years out of my face . ( The guy who blindsided Rand Paul cracking half a dozen ribs only got charged misdemeanor assault . )

And we have known each other for a fair number of years .

This is really a follow up to my letter of 2017-10-27 , subject : Enabling the Abuse of Elders , addressed to you care of the only email address I could find for you .

In the Teller Court meeting it was understood and agreed that Elizabeth Reed and I would meet and discuss the realities of the case before meeting again with the Court it Oct 30 . However , it turned out Ms Reed could not prioritize such a meeting :

On 2017-10-19 16:24, Beth Reed wrote:

Mr. Armstrong,


Given my scheduling difficulties, I propose that we continue to communicate via email at this point. I will review all the documentation you have provided to me and get back with you sometime tomorrow. It is not necessary to meet in person as I can relay what I need to just as easily via email.


Thank you for patience,




Beth Reed

Lead Deputy District Attorney

Teller County

The letter linked above was largely to flesh out the details of Matt Walker's behavior . Thus , I anticipated that logic would prevail at the hearing October 30 and the case would be dismissed . Ms Reed did not get up to Cripple Creek so it was in her absence that the case has been set for jury trial February 6 , 2018 with all the costs entailed .

I would have thought that with such as consequential decision being reached , given the witnessed evidence , time would have been found for a conference .

November 2 , I sent Ms Reed an email requesting an appointment . I have received no response .

Thus it appears we will meet again in Cripple Creek this Monday Dec 4 with no conference having taken place altho that was one purpose of the month interval til meeting .

The other purpose to give me time to evaluate my eligibility for a public defender -- at taxpayer expense , or other options to proceeding Pro Se . Even to hire one of my attorney friends would cost $1000 . That , on top of 2 days in jail I was heading off to while Matt's couple of red marks from being shoved out of my face were already fading but by the officer's report he was still raging , is a victory I will not give Mr Walker . ( I will be limping around in court in the moccasins I was wearing at the time making it very clear that given my shattered left ankle I couldn't possibly reach a 35 year old who was not directly in my face and his hysteria in his 911 call was either irrational or "drama queen" . )

I strongly believe that the right to defend oneself pro se is as vital as the right to counsel . Thus I am CCing an old Manhattan Libertarian colleague Sam Sloan who was the last person to present pro se -- and win -- in front of the Supreme Court . I'll ask him the limits of in particular open statements , and look to putting together a web page on such resources on pro se procedure .

I find it particularly ironic Dan , given your generally prohibitionist stand , that you are facilitating aggressive irrational behavior against senior citizens by a very heavy marijuana user and zealot . The initial "trigger" and aggression against my elder guest was his questioning Matt's "cannabis religion" . Matt sent this email ,┬ 

Subject: Buffoons are anti-cannabis
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2017 15:15:42 -0600
From: Matthew Paul Walker <>
To: Bob Armstrong <>

Belief is a prison Bob, and your buffoon friend is peddling antique information with a closed mind.┬ 


in the interval between his verbal assault on my guest for simply offering some historic perspective on psychedelics┬  and my guest and I separating ourselves from him heading down into the house , and his coming us down to the house with his aggressive and objectively irrational claims of his car being blocked -- at which time my guest had had enough . My guest is perhaps even more condemning of Mr Walker than I am . See , eg : Re: Re : Matt Walker insanity or a number of other items in the document directory linked to the summary of the events ,

I have been appalled by the incredible time and cost built into the system before one finally has a chance to face one's accuser .┬  I think your office ought to be sure Matt Walker will appear in February to face me and my witness to his behavior .

I consider my time every bit as valuable as yours . And this has cost me a lot . I was impressed by George Brauchler's emphasis on economy at last month's Teller County Republican meeting ( We happened to shake hands as I was in the second row on his way out ) . Like Jason Mikesell , George presents a much more accessible public interface . So , for his info , I'm messaging him about this exchange being available at .

I'm sorry this is playing out this way . I think it's one of the most absurd chapters in my life . But in the end I have faith that my fellow Teller County citizens will wonder more why all this cost was incurred on behalf of an irrational aggressive very heavy marijuana user to incarcerate a senior citizen who found no provocation sufficient to raise a hand against anyone in a quarter century .
Peace thru Freedom
Honesty enforced thru Transparency ,

┬ Bob A
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