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    | 20160913.1022 |
    Please let me know by return mail if you want to be removed from my contact list .

    4thCoSy Screen ShotFor far too long CoSy has been singularly my personal tool for dealing with the Business of Life . ( I apologize that that business has burdened so much of this year that my progress and support of CoSy αs has been sporadic . But it is those court interactions with rooms full of  people taking $250 % hr , which justify my assertion that the most valuable act in CoSy is tapping F11 to insert a timestamp in my notes | 20160925.1446 )
    Now with the USB CoSyStick , that space is already 4 dimensional ( n + 1 heads define an n dimensional space . Ergo , n heads are , the square root n better than 1 . )  And that is with only a few small groups of individuals yet knowing of its availability .

    Current  4th.CoSy doesn't yet have the everyday functionality of even the original APL+PC.CoSy in the mid 1980's . That hypertext linked multiwindow environment was the the last time CoSy had multiple users . But those were very significant users .

    The language , however , has evolved so that that functionality is a short distance away in terms of additional vocabulary . And those APL level definitions are building on a vocabulary of dynamic lists of lists ( simplified from Arthur Whtney's K years maintaining accounts in K.CoSy ) built in an open to the chip 0 cost base Forth .

    The core of CoSy is what I've described as Captain Picard's log . It's an environment of simple text enhanced with keystrokes to do such things as insert calendar dates and time stamps .  Currently there are remarkably few defined keystrokes :

    |\/| ` Keyhelp |\/|
     F1    Key Help

     F5    Insert  res  at cursor
     F6    CoSy evaluate | requires result to be CoSy object or empty stack
    sF6    Eval line under cursor in  text in raw Forth 
    cF6    Eval line in OS

    cF9    { textwdo @ selected-text? www }  | open URL

     F11    Insert timestamp ( |hm| ) at cursor
    sF11    Insert timestamp ( yyyymmdd.hhmm ) at cursor
     F12    Insert date line ( dayln ) at cursor

    cS    saveText     


    The magic key is F6  .  It does  whatever the line the cursor is on in from searching for a line in a window of text to defining a new word .

    And this in the language , transparently open down to the Intel x86 which has been winnowed since my life was changed , in part by the ability to write a definitional Fourier transform in 1 line of APL was critical to the analysis of a classical psychophysical experiment . Since then I've been driven to have my interface with my computing resources , whatever they may be , at that level of succinctness of expression and clarity of thought and immediacy of action , response and extensibility . It is to not be trapped in a MicroSoft level inscrutable concrete kindergarten .

    It is that simplicity of chronicling  one's  daily actions and ToDos while any action from the simplest search of your accumulated data to the most sophisticated data transformations are just a short expression -- perhaps an answer to a Tweet -- you may leave sitting anywhere in your notes which made even VP at money center banks buy a CoSy to sit on their desk even tho their IT supplied PC sat unused on credenza behind them . But the simplicity also made it usable by their secretaries to augment or organize their information .

    It is the dynamic lists-of-lists structure and the incomplete yet maturing APL and K informed vocabulary , the availability at my fingertips of which motivated my implementation of the most basic computations of planetary temperature make the environment a powerful Tool of Thought while also keeping your shopping lists or portfolios of notes and links on everyday tasks or serious business .

    Are you an αlpha ?
    The very first CoSySticks are now in α user=programmer hands and essential feedback has begun . Issues already discussed include dealing with false alarms by some virus programs to "waking up" the Linux and Apple OS versions of the Reva Forth 4th.CoSy is built in , to evaluating alternatives to the current IUP GUI interface .

    If you are an αlpha and interested in joining the language community creating the future of a melding of  two of the most powerful poles of computing language : APL and Forth . Get a CoSyStick . Membership in the  CoSy-notes Yahoo mail group comes along with the purchase . Otherwise , questions , comments or code may be posted on the Disqus forms on most pages .

    While a language community like 4th.CoSy  has no value unless freely and openly available , even the business plan for the commercialization is open to discussion . Both on the instrumentation end where the APL level of concise expression of complex \/ combinatoric algorithms in chip specific Forths , or of greatest potential , migrating the essential kernel to a Forth running on a SmartPhone . Since the days of the Compaq suitcase above , CoSy has been focused on having your computing power with you .

    But it all starts with purchase of a Stick .

    |  20160915.0052 |
    on a Stick

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