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    CoSy MidSummer2011 Mountain Mela

    Summer Solstice Morning 2011 Sat.Aug , 2011 08 06 . 14:00 til ...
    28124 Highway 67 / Woodland Park , Colorado / 80863-9711
    See CoSy.com for StreetView

    Enjoy an afternoon by Pike Forest ,
    just north of Woodland Park ,
    celebrating  the Summer equivalent
    of Groundhog Day

    Libertarian rules

    Previous Party Invite

    CoSy Update :
    • Sister Joyce has a great nose for real estate .  And once she sniffs them out , she has a great eye to judge them . The beginning of the year ,  we purchased a derelict old dairy along Bear Creek Park in Lakewood in a short sale . The 7 acres are about the area of 20 lots on the adjacent streets . We've renovated the modest house on the property and the stable . We are finishing up the bunkhouse now .  All the horses , and most of the dogs and cats have now moved down there .

    • I've been invited to create an Essential Physics page on Heartland Institute's new Climate Wiki .

    • I got myself invited to the venerable Minnowbrook APL implementers conference in the Adirondacks the third week of September where I'll be presenting my progress on 4th.CoSy and picking some of the brightest minds who actually know how you are supposed to implement a language . I'm strongly thinking of avoiding TSA's humiliating sheeple training by renting a car and taking a couple of weeks revisiting old haunts and friends around from Chicagoland to NYC , and back thru Kentucky .

    • This August 5th will be our brother Jack's 70th birthday .

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