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    This is the event which made me politically active .
    Cable came late to Peck Slip , so CSPAN was still fresh to me . I had not seen what a fantastic job at censorship the holders of traditional   Big Business Broadcast Media   accomplish intentionally or not .
    I happened to catch the Congressional testimony presented here , and literally stood gaping at my TV aghast at the casual cruelty to innocent employees I was hearing .
    Not seeing or hearing a beep about it on the evening news put me over the wall ; I became yet another LIBERTARIAN activist .

    Subject:   There is a God .   was Re: Rick Lazio : Thank You! 
       Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 13:00:11 -0500
       From: BobArmstrong 
         CC: lpny_discuss  , others
    Dear Rick & Jim ,

    It is refreshing to be laughing at my TV for a change instead of yelling .

    After excluding all outside voices from presentation to the electorate , especially the Libertarian voice saying a pox on both your corrupt houses , you`ve literally gagged the Constitution and it has locked you into deserved and I hope long lasting chaos .

    This is most persuasive manifestation of some universal moral intervention deserving to be labeled "God" that I have witnessed in my 56 , as of wednesday , years .

    Rick , you could have taken out New York`s new first : first female felon US senator , with one 30 second commercial . Chose from any of the couple of dozen clips on my .

    Jim , I will remind you that I made a point of meeting you instead of Bill O`Reilly at Roy Innes`s event last spring . wrote:
    > 8 Nov 2000
    > Thank You
    > We fought a great battle thanks to the support from all of
    > you, I never backed down and fought the good fight against
    > the White House and all their power. We stood up against
    > enormous odds but we played by the rules and told the truth.
     Rick , with all due respect , get real .  

     The Office Staff ; Seven
  ordinary working stiffs .


    =0==DAYS=TO=ELECTION========: TUE.NOV,001107 :============================
    |11:33| Copying Tape 2 of Part 2 of Travel Office tapes to DV . Even more evidence of the Casual Criminality of the Clintons .
    The Democrats Are Just a Clintonesk Mafia
    I will forever kick myself for failing to have published this material a year ago . I reconsider the web of my life and decisions over that time which led me to keep looking for someone to join me in this task . Somehow I kept disbelieving that this True Horror story would not be reviewed in the course of the election campaign .
    My current effort reminds me of the night before John Gotti was sentenced . Hiking home about 4 am after some late night art parties , I happened by his old Ravenite Social Club on Mulberry . This sign was placed on the pavement in front of the door . It looked like too unique a memento to pass up . Until I crossed Canal St crossing from Little Italy into Chinatown , I quickened my pace and watched my back . Later that day John Gotti was finally convicted .
    I felt like I had stolen perhaps a little of his karma . If I have managed to do the same for Hillary , great . She is as criminal for these actions , convicted or not , as Gotti was of hijacking at JFK , convicted or not of that .
          Subject:  TRUTH : Telegraph & Travel Office Worker videos on web .
             Date:  Mon, 06 Nov 2000 13:36:49 -0500
             From:  BobArmstrong 
     It`s not whether a message is "positive" or "negative" ;
     It`s whether it`s TRUE or FALSE .
     If there is such a thing as criminal Libel ,
     falsely charging employees with embezzlement should
     count .
     This is what , beyond any reasonable doubt , Hillary
     Clinton and her co-conspirators did to the the veteran
     staff of the White House Telegraph & Travel Office .
     The evidence is at :
     It frightens me to be living in a world where such
     a historic record of capricious cruel dishonesty to
     others  by one of the candidates for high office is
     never even alluded to  by either the 4th Estate ,
     or for that matter the establishment`s opposing
     candidate .
    Subject: Never on Evening News : Video of the Travel Office Workers` Testimony Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2000 00:07:52 -0500 From: BobArmstrong Hillary recently predicted that all sorts of things would start coming out of the woodwork against her in these last few days . Well , Here`s one of them . It`s bizarre to see George Bush`s `76 DWI arrest getting headlines when this story of harm by one human of another has never been seen outside of CSPAN . How can anyone argue it is anything other than suppression by the Media . January 26 1996 I found myself standing in front of my TV tuned to CSPAN riveted by testimony of the 7 Travel Office staff describing to Congress the hell Hillary`s lying cruelty put them thru . Seeing their horror story on CSPAN during that day and seeing not a bit of it on network evening news that night is the event which " loaded the camel " , so to speak , in my becoming an active , passionate Libertarian . The subsequent failure of the State to cleanse itself of these cruel , criminal Con Artists , allowing total corruption of the Courts by the Head of State has eliminated for me , and I know many others any claim to moral justification by the State for itself . It is consistent that these people who continue to participate in the imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of peaceful fellow citizens are so capable of sending innocent individuals to federal penitentiary on movie script lies . Hillary Clinton should be running from prison , not for another position of power over us . I must ask all who continue to hang on to the belief that a person capable of Hillary`s capricious cruelty to accidental individuals can none the less do something for our mutual good , as was asked of McCarthy in the `50s , Have you no shame , at long last , have you NO shame . Please if you have any thoughts of voting for Hillary , see her victims , themselves , describe what they faced . Be informed before you vote . Note : Media or anyone wanting to make this material more available , I dropped 500 bucks for the CSPAN tapes , I`ve got them right here in NYC , get in touch .
      TAPE 1
    1. Barry Brassou
    2. John McSweeny 0
    3. Billy Dale
    4. John McSweeny 1
    5. John McSweeny 2
    6. Gary Wright :54
    7. Gary Wright :56 , Accounting procedures
    8. Gary Wright :57 , Summary
    9. John Dreylinger
    10. Robert Van Eimeren
    11. Ralph Maughan +
    12. Billy Dale Character witnesses
    13. Billy Dale Files lost by Catherine Cornelius
    14. All Abetted smuggling ?

      TAPE 2

    15. Billy Dale Outrage
    16. Dan Burton Comment : Crosses party lines . Billy Dale later corrected him that yes he voted for Clinton , but he`s not a registered Democrat .
    17. Dan Burton Evidence : First Lady`s involvement
    18. Dan Burton Evidence : IRS involvement
    19. Billy Dale IRS auditing
    20. Constance Morella Summary
    21. Billy Dale Management under Clinton cuz Cornelius . Where`s the money ? I actually have met a caterer here in NYC who cofirms that she had to call up the new Travel office and bitch to get her bills paid ; Cornelius`s gang had trashed the records !
    22. Billy Dale & John McSweeny Would not plea to any misappropriation of funds even if meant jail time . Why no one spared .
    23. Tom Barrett & Billy Dale No chance to explain or defend John McSweeny Called criminal . & John McSweeny Clinton`s lawyer still making new charges .
    24. Steven Schiff Clinton clan chaotic financial management Steven Schiff Comment : Continuing pattern of conduct . Clinton`s Watkins took "electronic fifth: Watkins gained more fame for being fired when it was found he was using helicopters to commute to the golf course . The Clinton`s have a chronic Mafioso mentality ; they will never change because they have sucked so many down to accepting their cruel avarice as `90s neoCamelot.
    25. John McSweeny Yes it matters to him he was called a thief
    26. Billy Dale Records Cornelius took home missing but Peat Marwick saw them
    27. Dan Burton Dave Watkins confirmed Hillary orchastrated . Real issue "Sacred Honor" tainted .

      PART 2 , TAPE 1
    1. Carrie Meek & Billy Dale No chance to explain systems . Cmtte comment : apply same Standards to Hazel O`Leary & Ron Brown ?
    2. Ileana RosLehtinen Hillary timeline .
      Billy Dale Cornelius & Thomason & Hillary
      Billy Dale Catherine Cornelius , Bill Clinton`s 26 year old cousin . Socialism in action = Nepotism .
    3. Carolyn Maloney backfires : Billy Dale Couldn`t defend himself because of missing records .
      Billy Dale Cleaned up preexisting practices
    4. John McHugh & John McSweeney White House closed to staff , had no knowledge of operations
    5. Steve Horn Comment : Soviet show trial . Shame .
      Steve Horn Comment : Reno should investigate IRS involvment .
      Steve Horn Comment : governmental cancer hidden by a smile .
      Steve Horn John McSweeny : ... no where to turn & the government was after me .
    6. John Mica IRS called in BEFORE Peat Marwick . & McSweeny : Clinton lied about knowing about it
      John Mica PR Scapegoats
      John Mica & Billy Dale Harry Thomason conflict of interest
    7. John Mica IRS called in BEFORE Peat Marwick . & McSweeny : Clinton lied about knowing about it
      John Mica PR Scapegoats
      John Mica & Billy Dale Harry Thomason conflict of interest
    8. Peter Blute White House & Dem stonewalling & document suppression . Old story .
      Peter Blute did not need to chose path of evil
      Peter Blute & Billy Dale Cornelius rummaged documents , then missing .
      PART 2 , TAPE 2

    ( Requires free downloadable RealPlayer )
    Please feel free to copy or mirror these files to get them in front of everyone you can ! They are Congressional testimony ; more of your tax dollars consumed by the Clintons` Criminal Con Artistry .

    See also my critique : CoSy/views/Clintons and House Government Reform Committee Report

    Don`t Vote for Hillary .
    Vote for Libertarian
    John Clifton
    to be our Senator

    Image captured riding my motorboard up to art openings in my district Saturday,000603
    Stop Hillary

    From Senate Archive :

    104th Congress May 7, 1996, 2:15 p.m.
    2nd Session Vote No. 109 Page S-4781 Temp. Record

    WHITE HOUSE UNJUST FIRINGS/Cloture (First Attempt)
    SUBJECT: Reimbursement of Former White House Travel Office Employees . .
    H.R. 2937. Dole motion to close debate.

    This bill is about Travelgate. Travelgate is a sordid account of people close to the President who set out to use the full power of the Federal Government to conduct a smear campaign against the employees of the White House Travel Office. That campaign was conducted in order to create an excuse for firing those people and giving their jobs to President Clinton's friends and family. As soon as President Clinton won the election in 1992, Catherine Cornelius, President Clinton's cousin, and World Wide Travel, the agency that had handled the Clinton-Gore campaign, began discussions about the eventual takeover of the White House Travel Office. World Wide Travel is partly owned by Harry Thomason, a close personal friend of the Clintons. In January 1993, David Watkins, assistant to the President for management and administration, hired Cornelius. In February, Cornelius provided Watkins with a proposal to make her a co-director of the travel office, with World Wide Travel as the outside travel specialist. In April and May, Cornelius and Thomason claimed that there were allegations of corruption in the Travel Office, and pressed to have World Wide Travel take over its operation. In May 1993, employees of the White House counsel's office, Cornelius, and others met with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) regarding the Travel Office. Although the FBI was unsure that enough evidence existed to warrant a criminal investigation, William Kennedy of the White House counsel's office and former law partner of Hillary Clinton informed Bureau agents that a request for an FBI evaluation came from the "highest" levels. The FBI then agreed to investigate. At this time, it also was decided that the accounting firm of Peat Marwick would conduct an audit of the Travel Office. On May 14 the audit began. On May 17, Watkins and McLarty, then the President's chief of staff, decided to fire the Travel Office staff. On May 19, Kennedy notified the FBI that all the Travel Office employees were going to be fired that day. The FBI warned that doing so could interfere with its investigation. That same day, Harry Thomason's business partner, Martens, began arrangements to take over Presidential press charters. Kennedy ordered Watkins to delete any reference to the FBI investigation. At 10:00 a.m. that morning, Watkins informed the travel office employees that they were being fired because a review revealed gross mismanagement. They were told they had 2 hours to clean out their desks and leave. Watkins learned that press secretary Dee Dee Myers had publicly disclosed existence of the FBI investigation as well as the Peat Marwick review. Later that same day, Myers gave another press briefing in which she denied that an FBI investigation had taken place. She claimed that the firings were based on the Peat Marwick review. The Peat Marwick review was not finalized until May 21, 2 days after the firings. The report was backdated to May 17. It found some evidence of accounting irregularities, but it found no evidence of fraud. Further, the report gave no assurances as to either its completeness or its accuracy.

    Two of the travel office employees who were fired found out from watching the evening news. Others were unceremoniously hauled out of the White House in the back of a cargo van without any seats. After decades of service to Presidents of both parties, these dedicated, non-partisan employees were dismissed without warning. Their ordeal did not end with the loss of their jobs and the totally unfounded slander of fraud that was being slung about by the Clinton Administration. It had barely begun. The FBI and IRS were about to begin a witch hunt. One of the employees, John P. McSweeney, testified before Congress as follows: "Although I have been a registered Democrat for 44 years, it was not a political but a civil service appointment. This came to an abrupt halt while I was on leave in Ireland when my son Jim called to inform me that the evening news shows had just announced that the entire staff of our office had been fired and that the FBI was starting an investigation for possible criminal activity. Although the White House recognized that not all of us had any financial authority, for the next 30 months we all became part of a full-blown Department of Justice investigation with Billy Dale (the head of the Department) as their target. For myself, it involved FBI agents interviewing my neighbors, two grand jury appearances, two Justice Department and FBI interviews, and one meeting with the IRS, along with legal fees of over $65,000. Over time, where before I had been intimidated, it now turned to complete frustration as the White House had free rein with the media in putting out its story while we were muzzled by the Justice Department. They presented me with a letter that stated that I was not a subject or target of their investigation at the present time, which meant that anything I said could be used against me."

    Mr. McSweeney was one of the lucky ones. The FBI quickly tried to make the head of the Travel Office, Billy Dale, its scapegoat. It dragged him all the way through a criminal trial, but its case was so weak that the jury deliberated for less than 2 hours (the amount of time that it usually takes for a jury just to organize) before it cleared him of all charges. His legal fees, though, ended up at nearly $500,000. At this point, one might think that the Clinton Administration would finally stop its vicious attacks, but one would be wrong. After Mr. Dale's exoneration, a memo from Watkins surfaced that said that the firings were at Hillary Clinton's behest. When this information came out, the Administration released confidential information on plea bargaining negotiations with Mr. Dale in an attempt to make it appear as if he were guilty. Mr. Dale, of course, was not guilty of anything--he was $500,000 in debt and was hoping to stop the witch hunt. Still, to turn the attention off the First Lady, the White House was willing to continue its vicious smear tactics.

    Mr. Dale served faithfully through eight Presidents, but he was not entitled to that job. The Travel Office jobs are not protected civil service jobs--they are held at the pleasure of the President. If the President has greedy friends and relatives who want to run the office for their own profit, it is his right to give its jobs to them. However, it is not his right or the right of his underlings to smear their reputations and order the FBI and IRS to hound them. This bill should not be held up. Last year, by voice vote, we already paid for the legal expenses of all the travel office employees except for Mr. Dale because he was still on trial. He has now been exonerated, so we should pay his legal expenses too, plus we should pay for some remaining expenses of the other employees that were not covered by the earlier bill. This payment will be similar to the payment that was paid to cover Hamilton Jordan's (an aid to President Carter) legal fees when he was unjustly accused of using cocaine. As in that case, we will only be paying legal fees, not fees for testifying before Congress. Further, every Senator understands that this is an open-and-shut case of the Administration abusing its vast powers to attack innocent people. Approving this bill is a matter of simply human decency. We urge our Democratic colleagues to stop their heartless filibuster, and to join us in passing this bill.

    Those opposing the motion to invoke cloture contended:

    We will happily let this bill pass if our Republican colleagues drop their opposition to our offering our minimum wage amendment to it. We are not willing to let one bill after another keep rolling through the Senate without voting on our amendment. Every bill that comes up our Republican colleagues tell us is not the right bill, and they will not give us a time certain when they will be willing to consider a minimum wage bill. We want a vote, and we are determined to get it. If this bill is defeated it will be our Republican colleagues' fault for refusing to vote on the minimum wage.

    As for the substance of this bill, we think that if we are going to show so much concern for Billy Dale we should also show some concern for the Administration officials who have had huge expenses because of Whitewater. Many of them have run up huge legal bills in preparing their testimony before Congress. Our colleagues tell us that if, when Whitewater is all over, it is obvious that some of those officials have been abused as Billy Dale has been abused then they will be willing to pay their legal expenses. We doubt it. It is certainly highly unusual to pick up legal expenses for people who have been under investigation by the Government, and we are somewhat leery of setting any precedent with this case. Still, we are ready to support passage of this bill as soon as our Republican colleagues stop their opposition to considering the minimum wage. Until they do, we will not vote in favor of cloture.
    Ultimate Executive NoteComputer
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