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Stalin's Lysenkoism
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    I presented a talk on the AlGoreWarming fraud ,
     Fri.Mar,20190322.1800 at :

    More Destructive than Stalin's Lysenkoism

    We are lucky to be living in one of the thin peaks between ice ages . It used to be grade school science that green life is built on CO2 and H2O married by solar energy thru photosynthesis releasing O2 . And we animals consume those plants and reverse the reaction for the energy which animates us .

    So what's the biggest lie one can conceive ? 
    That the molecule we're made of is warming the planet a little . Ergo , we need a Global State to reverse the prosperity of the last 2 centuries .

    With absolutely NO empirical evidence , indeed a great deal of fraud , and in denial of essential physics ,  the AlGoreWarmists despoil landscapes from horizon to horizon with economically unsustainable specially dispensated avian cuisinarts and other "crapitalist" , ie:  "crony capitalist" , scams . 

    Both the empirical data and the essential physics of planetary temperature ( the climate cult literally denies Newton's Law of Gravity )  will be presented .
  West , 1068 Elkton Drive, Colorado Springs

    Bob Armstrong will put the "Green New Deal" in perspective. In case you've missed this lately, it's a plan from the progressive end of the political spectrum that will mean virtually no private transportation, no domestic airlines and who-knows-what-else in the quest for a carbon-neutral USA within 10 years. The big concern, of course, is the often-challenged science (though not by the mainstream media) that underpins global warming to begin with. (Registration includes hot dogs and popcorn!)

    Date and Time: 03/22/2019 06:00 PM - 08:30 PM

    Member Cost:$15.00
    Non-Member Cost: $15.00

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