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    Bob Armstrong

    Scientific debates can be divided into
    • those that are empirical observations  in which statistical differences are argued over
    • "hard science" issues in which the predictions of simply expressible ( in an adequate notation ) relations are considered to be truths with essentially infinite precision . Newton's laws , as emended by Einstein , or Maxwell's , or Stefan-Boltzmann's law that radiated power is proportional to the 4th power of the temperature of a body are examples of the latter .

    The issue here is of this latter sort . Below are 2 extended comments NPR censored from their  13.7 blog by University of Rochester astrophysics professor Adam Frank .

    They directly request peer review from the Dr Frank  of my quantitative explication of classical physics showing the impossibility of Venus's extreme surface temperature being explained as a spectral , greenhouse , effect .  Surely any errors in these basic experimentally testable computations should be easy for a professional PhD in the field to point out and provide the correct equations .

    Even more than silence , censorship screams they cannot .

    They can only word-wave that their explanations are qualitatively in the direction they claim :

    I believe my comments are no more snarky than many of the other comments or the article itself which is implicitly a trashing of all the honorable individuals battling the global statist nonscience .

    Censored comments on

     The Climate Story Nobody Talks About

    Bob Armstrong 

    Bob Armstrong > Jacques Bouvier 11 hours ago Removed

    I had higher priorities the last couple of days , but I might as well respond to your comment as any of the other ones .

    As an example of how archaic the notion of pal review is , I noticed that the author of this piece , Adam Frank , is a professor of astrophysics at U of Rochester and so surely should be qualified to either point out the errors in my analysis , or confirm they are correct . Surely the computation of the temperature of a radiantly heated uniformly colored ball is a homework level exercise in the astrophysics curriculum . Back in the early `80s , when I was consulting at Xerox , I attended a lot of the visual psychophysics and computer science colloquia at U of R . The vision group was historically one of the best in the world because of Kodak and , later , Xerox . I actually was invited to sit in on a computer science PhD candidate's defense because it made comparisons to neural processes . I remember I asked a question more or less about the number of neural elements he was positing and was satisfied with answer .

    So , Adam is the ultimate person to either confirm the classical physics I present , or give us the correct computations . These computations , I cannot overemphasize , are rather easily experimentally verifiable .

    Surely Adam can spend the 12 minutes to watch my presentation at http://climateconferences.hear... , and also the Q&A at which answers some additional points . Beyond that , the entire history of my diversion into this problem due to the pathetic and stagnate state of understanding of essential math and physics I saw in these blog battles is on my website at . And , of course I welcome any questions or clarifications of any points he wishes .

    I would emphasize also that the crux he ( and James Hansen , and Pierrehumbert , and ... ) face is , given that the spectrum of Venus as seen from the outside is not even on the same continent with what would be required for its internal temperature to be 225% the gray body temperature in its orbit , How does he overcome the divergence theorem which requires the internal energy density to equal that computed for its surface ?

    I had no good answer until a discussion at finally got thru to me that the answer is gravity , NOT a spectral greenhouse phenomenon .

    I happened to meet Alan Guth when he gave a talk at the New York Academy of Sciences . Adam would know him as one of the prime authors of the inflationary universe theory . His talk and our conversation were not about that , but it did induce me to buy his book .

    Alan has a brief appendix explaining why gravity computes as a negative energy . It is only gravity which explains why equilibrium temperature increase as one descends into the atmosphere and , in fact , any gravitational body , and satisfies the requirement of the divergence theorem . I never recognized the deep relationship between equilibrium temperatures and gravity before - I always thought of it as a dynamic effect which would dissipate , but as the references in the comment on WUWT cited show , the computations are rather simple , as one would expect , and match the observations on various planets quite closely .

    So , I request the courtesy of a peer review by Dr Frank of my computations . By implication , when he lauds James Hansen's and others' claims that Venus is a "runaway" , he is dissing many many people I know to be among the most honorable and accomplished individuals I have ever met .

    While at the same time climate science bounces along from one scandal and failure to the next , desperately clinging to its billions of dollars of government enforced cash flows .

    Even silence will speak volumes .

    Bob Armstrong > MrWindUpBird 3 days ago Removed

    I appreciate and respect your watching my Heartland presentation and evaluating it rather than as so common with AlGoreWarming cultists just spouting ad hominems and rejecting any input other than their absurdly inflated "consensus" .

    To say I'm not yet a physicist is being kind . You can see more detail about my path at . But , I've ended up living an adult life with APL , evolved from the notation for multidimensional ( matrix ) algebra at my fingertips and a sufficient understanding of functional analysis to be able to read Griffiths excellent texts ( I moved on to his Quantum ) and not be lost .

    The point about the first 2%3 of Griffiths E&M text being on statics is that you've got to understand statics before even contemplating dynamics . But I see no evidence that the journeyman "climate scientist" has anywhere near that background in "thermostatics" . I mean it quite literally when I say there is little evidence that many of them know how to calculate the temperature of a radiantly heated colored ball . They certainly don't seem to understand the notion of orthogonal function decomposition or they wouldn't keep parroting the "33c" warming meme rather than starting from the computationally useful 279k gray body temperature in our orbit .

    I would ask you how many of the people reading this blog know what a dot product is . I'd love to give a course on the meanings of the dot product , but for these purposes , it's the computation which counts . The point of the notation is several-fold : It is the executable notation I have at my fingertips ; it permits all the computations to be completely presented on the slides ; it is ( 32 bit ) freely downloadable so anyone can replicate them . The importance of APL notations is still all too little appreciated even a half a century after Ken Iverson's original work . My friend Morten Kromberg gives an excellent Google Tech Talk on a fully modern APL at . I'm quite impressed that Roy Spencer's recent rewrite of the RSS satellite data analysis is under 10,000 lines of FORTRAN . I strongly contend that it would not be more than a couple of hundred lines of well factored APL -- and therefore far more understandable .

    Stefan-Boltzmann gets you the gray body temperature given the total energy impinging on a point in our orbit . It is the ratio of the dot products of source and object spectra which gives you the difference from that temperature for colored balls . These are the computations , the experimental validation of which would make a gang busters science project .

    It was ridiculously hard to figure this out because I know of no explication of it on any supposed presentation of the "greenhouse effect" -- just the endless parroting of the "255K" , "33c" meme . Responding to Joey N's comment , the computation leading to the 255K number is given by on this slide : . Since the actual Top of Atmosphere spectrum is measured , there is no value to that crude hypothesis and it is too crude to be of value when discussing a 4th decimal place phenomenon like the total variation in temperature we have experienced since the Little Ice Age .

    Again , our surface temperature is about 3% warmer , 288K , than the 279K of a gray body in our orbit . That could conceivably be due to our ToA spectrum -- but that apparently is in the wrong direction -- toward the 255K value . Venus's surface temperature , on the other hand is 225% the gray body temperature in its obit . The most sophisticated material humanity has yet created , TiNOX does not quite exhibit that high a solar heat gain . Given its extraordinarily high albedo with respect to the Sun , Venus would have to be an order of magnitude even more reflective in the IR than TiNOX , and nothing is . The temperature of Venus cannot be explained any sort of spectral effect . If you claim it can , show me your equations and I will implement them . I have a standing offer of $2250 ( I have no income so that's the most I can afford ) If indeed they work out and can be experimentally verified .

    If I get a little personal in my attacks on the alarmist cult , like calling James Hansen a charlatan , I'm sorry but continually being called a denier and generally denigrated in articles like this one perhaps makes me more than a little irritated .

    If you see my work as being useful to you in the largest sense , your support would be most helpful .
    If you have any projects you would care to emphasize , let me know .
    If you have any product notions which could use my tek , let's meet .

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