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  • Bob Armstrong

    Only Ron Paul

    as opposed to all the other candidates ( including the incumbent )

    • Only Ron Paul does not pledge allegiance to a foreign power
    • Only Ron Paul believes that the Golden Rule applies at all scales of human interaction
    • Only Ron Paul understands in his very being the hard won wisdom of our US Constitution and Bill of Rights and pledges his allegiance to that .
    • Only Ron Paul can be trusted to let you run your life .

    The Ron Paul Revolution prepared the ground for the Tea Party movement . Obamacare lit the fire . Now Mitt Romney , whose signal accomplishment is the Massachusetts premiere of Obamacare , will be the only candidate contesting the Republican nomination in all 50 states all the way to the convention other than Ron Paul .

    Ron Paul has a massive passionate following across the traditional political spectrum because he represents the most serious threat to the ever more encroaching 'statist quo" federal leviathan . Compared to him , Romney is simply Obama , white .

    If Romney wins the nomination , Republicans lose the election to Obama .

    Alinsky socialist Obama was elected to stop the neocons' promise of eternal war . It has turned out to be a devil's bargain . So now the Federal Government , doubling down on Bush Jr's profligacy , is spending more than a dollar forty for every dollar of taxes collected , having already run a tab of more than $15,000,000,000,000 . Were it not for the Federal Reserve printing and loaning new dollars at near zero interest , we would be bankrupt simply on the interest costs alone . The only thing backing those Fed dollars are future taxes .

    Only Ron Paul speaks to the magnitude of this mortal threat to our economy . Everybody else talks in terms of cutting the government's trillion dollar per year deficit by a projected trillion dollars over a decade . Only Paul speaks of stopping this hemorrhaging within the scale of one election cycle .

    Does anybody believe Romney will be anything more than an administrator of the nanny leviathan , perhaps nibbling at its edges , but adding new bureaucracies of his own flavor ? Does anybody trust Romney to stand by any of his currently stated beliefs ?

    Will anybody but Ron Paul get the Federal amoeba out of our lives ?

    Will anybody but Ron Paul seriously fight to put the federal government back in its constitutional bottle ?

    On issues of economic freedom , republicans generally echo Paul's clear voice . Where their worry arises is Ron Paul's demand to return to congressional declaration of wars as the Constitution requires . Belief in this requirement is all you need to agree with in order to vote for him .

    I will go further . The above strict and trustworthy adherence to the constitution is sufficient to vote for Paul .

    The following is why I , and many other libertarian republicans will , if Paul is not the Republican candidate , vote for the candidate who was so totally ostracized by the party , despite clearly having as strong a base as several of the participants in the early debates , Gary Johnson , who will be on the ballot in all 50 states as a Libertarian .

    The Republicans can nominate Paul and have the base republican vote plus the libertarian vote , or nominate someone else and receive the republican vote minus the libertarian vote . The Libertarian Party will almost surely receive the largest third party vote since Perot .

    So , why for me , only Paul ?

    Ron Paul is the only one ( including Obama ) who does not pledge his allegiance to a foreign power .

    This may be the core reason why he is so strongly supported by active military personnel .

    And who is the foreign power to whom all the others pledge their unquestioning allegiance ? It is by some evaluations , the most militarized country in the world . It is the only avowedly segregationist

    state left since South Africa made peace with itself . It is a theocracy ( the center of its flag is its religious icon ) created , in total disregard of the wisdom of the very first clause of our First Amendment by more than anyone else , Harry Truman .

    Because of the USA's absolute support in the UN , our wealth , our lives , and our prestige , Israel has one again proved Lord Acton's observation that “absolute power corrupts absolutely" .

    We are subjected to unending propaganda propping up the intrinsically tribal philosophy of zionism : the notion that if one's forebears accepted a messiah or two , one lost their birthright to their land . As anyone with access to YouTube can see for themselves , extreme settlers continually attack mosques and cemeteries and churches. The government week after week , decade after decade , destroys homes and orchards of families who have lived on the same land for centuries . They continually build segregated housing – not to mention roads . They ( zionists , not the many Jews of conscience ) simply do not believe in the equality of individuals which is the essential American value .

    They demand that all their neighbors will be second class citizens of the world in perpetuity . While demanding Iran ( how many know there are 25 synagogues in Tehran alone ? ) be absolutely open in their very practical nuclear industry , Israel , alone in the world is not required to open their kimono and allow inspectors of their nuclear installations and strongly suspected weapons stockpiles .

    Instead , we not only expend our men and material on the other side of the globe as their vassal , we copy their internal check points ( ie , TSA ) and militarized civilian police . We copy their assassination techniques , now with that tool which is so radically reducing the cost of conventional war , the drone , even against fellow citizens . For this perpetual war , they are reversing the Magna Carta .

    Only Ron Paul believes in the Golden Rule applies to Countries as well as each of their individual residents .

    Bob Armstrong bob@cosy.com http://CoSy.com Teller County , Precinct 8

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