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  • Bob Armstrong
    | 20121029.103001 |

    Our choice this election is stark .

     You can either vote for the continuing Federal  Statist Duopoly or you can vote to LIVE FREE ; you can vote for Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson .

    Gary Johnson , http://www.garyjohnson2012.com , two term governor of neighboring New Mexico , is by far better qualified than Obamney or Romboma . This may well be a first for a third party since the Republicans replaced the Whigs over the issue of negro slavery .

    Now , in the 21st century the issue is all of our slavery .  

    In their last debate Romney was  asked how he was different than G. W. Bush .  Obama should have been asked the same question .

    Neither R nor O believes in choice when it comes to light bulbs . They can always have the Fed issue more script to pay the bureaucracies - backed by the Federal police and prisons - needed to elaborate and  police the kilopages of additional regulations .

    Both R and O pledge their blind allegiance to a foreign power : a nuclear armed , constantly bellicose  , fairly rich nation whose population in recent polls confirmed that they believe in perpetual apartheid and to whom we give several billion dollars per year that we don't have and have lost too many of our own fighting their wars .

    Only Johnson is carrying forward Ron Paul's shared message of free individuals optimizing the welfare of their families and communities in free markets , rather than by centralized government bureaucrats being paid with either taken or newly minted money .

    Both of the duopoly parties have shown themselves to be in-your-face corrupt , even with their own party hoi polloi .  If you missed it , both conventions had occasions on which the Central Committee's "aye"  votes were on the Speaker's teleprompter before the voice votes were taken . Yet the video record shows those votes were at the very least ambiguous . 

    Gary Johnson was excluded from the Republican debates very early on despite clearly having credentials and support stronger than some of the candidates included pointlessly debate after debate . As he has put it , he wanted to supply stereo with Ron Paul .  So , he came home to the Libertarians to continue the battle .

    But , far and away the corruption which removes the USA from the front ranks of the World's 21st century democracies is Gary Johnson's exclusion by the 501(c)3 Committee on Presidential Debates despite the fact that he will be on everyone's ballots except in Oklahoma ( which is notorious for its corrupt ballot access ) .

    This is a corruption by the statist parties visible to the whole world . It is so extreme that Russia Today ( RT.com ) is hosting a final debate , November 5 , between Johnson and the Green Party candidate , Jill Stein .

    To me , this corruption of our democracy is ,  in itself , sufficient to vote FOR Gary Johnson and his VP candidate , Judge Jim Gray .   The Duopoly must be broken .  We must be able to hear from all the candidates with the support of the hundreds of thousands necessary to run the gauntlet to be on everybody's ballots . Because on occasion , like this election , one is clearly superior . 5% for Libertarian Gary Johnson will end the Duopoly's ever tightening stranglehold on our freedoms . 


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