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    Silver Tongued  Criminals

    We must be ready to employ trickery, deceit, law-breaking, withholding and concealing truth. We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, scorn, and the like, towards those who disagree with us.
    Vladimir Ilyich Lenin  Max Eastman : Reflections on the Failure of Socialism

    Whatever color you might label his lips , Obama's tongue is pure silver .  And he displays the chin-up arrogance of his predecessor super-statist orators like Lenin , and FDR and his contemporaries , Stalin & Hitler . ( His HOPE poster could be right out of 1984 . )  He was elected to get rid of Bush and the Neocon Rinos ; not to replace the Right's excuses to increase the Domain of Force in our lives with the Left's . Lenin's quote , which I seem to keep repeating , certainly applies to the recent goals and tactics of Obama and his cadre . 

    While the WDC termites never stop munching , two recent high beam attacks  illuminate concepts discussed  in  my Logic of Liberty columns .

    We seem to have the criminal statists besieged in their provably fraudulent WAR on Carbon , the very element of life . But they are already hiring 10s of thousands of bureaucrats to demand the accounting of each of our medically related transactions and collect fines for daring to use our own judgment .  

    The would-be neoTyrants have only been contained in their lust to create a literal dark age of permanent Global State rationed deprivation based upon anti-life anti-science .

    • Anti-life thru starvation at every level - from killing millions by intentionally increasing the minimal cost of 21st century life , to ( and for the purpose of ) literally strangling the biosphere they claim to worship of the gas which is the anabolic half of the respiratory cycle of life .

    • Anti-science by the absolutely pathetic understanding of the 100 year old physics on both sides of the debate . Gaining an understanding of that classic physics at a level which should be required by anyone having an academic degree in "climate science" has consumed a painfully expensive amount of my time over the last several years . My progress is archived in a couple of my LoL articles .

      To me , to understand something is to be able to compute it . That has driven me to spend the last 30 years in the most expressive Array Programming Languages so I can   implement that classical physics , with its true spherical geometry , in a handful of sentences . Those few lines leave only about 9c of the difference between our temperature and that of a gray ( flat spectrum ) ball in our orbit unexplained .  Perhaps some ambitious student will add the couple more lines to handle full spectra , and reduce that  "unexplained" to a couple of degrees at most .

      These equations don't permit "runaways" or "tipping points" of any consequence . Gavin Schmidt at NASA who has a PhD in applied math assured me that the extreme surface temperature of Venus being due to "heat trapping" by GreenHouseGases does not violate the basic fact that heat flows from hot to cold , yet hasn't found time to send me , or point me to , the at most couple of pages of equations quantifying the phenomenon .

    Humanity cannot allow itself to be ruled by anti-science . The EPA has now become a criminal organization acting against the very environment it was created to protect . Failure to quash this cultish fraud is to face a future of bleak subservience to Illogic backed by Force .  And we have too much of that already .

    As Harry Browne was fond of quoting : war is the health of the State . When the State cannot make enough external enemies to sate its thirst for omnipotence  , it turns to criminalizing the normal behavior of its own citizens. Now with ObamaCare  , the State has criminalized choosing NOT to buy State approved medical insurance no matter how rational that decision might be in some particular situation . They forcibly  conflate charity with insurance because you are not  charitable like them .

    One would hope that voters could generalize from the provable criminality of the statists with respect to carbon , and realize these are not people to cede control any aspect of their personal decisions , particularly when it comes to one's own , and one's family's physical survival . With the fascistification of health care ,  there isn't the objective science to incontrovertibly expose  the anti-prosperity fraudulence . One just has lessons of economics and history . But those alone are overwhelming .

    The Federal interference in medical market decisions , and consequent increases in costs - or outright prohibitions - goes back at least to the creation of the FDA . Mary Ruwart has written brilliantly on the subject from the perspective of an insider . But of more direct consequence for the issue of market distortion in medical insurance is the corporate tax benefit for employer sponsored coverage versus individual family purchased policies . The entire issue of portability of coverage or whether children can stay on their parents' policy until age 26 stems from this distortion which dates back to WW2 wage and price controls .

    Prosperity might well be defined as  { Product % Person } , approximated by measures like GNP per capita altho what counts , of course , is actual product , not its value expressed in some currency . Despite politicians' fixation on "jobs" , it's not jobs which produce prosperity , it's how much desirable product is produced per job . It would be great if all of us could work half as much yet still produce all the goods we currently enjoy . But that's impossible unless we stop the State from forcing on us products we don't enjoy , and all the costs associated with those products .

    Not all "product" is desirable . For instance military expenditures create jobs but at best , at a net cost to the nation as a whole . Military accounts for more than half our deficit .  1984 contemplated perpetual war ,  but not as just a line item in the State's budget siphoning just fraction , tho substantial , below the level of causing outright privation .

    So what is it that the Socialists have made Law over more overt opposition to any Government action since W executed his personal jihad on the basis of lies ? What is Government's cash cow other than , as Browne put it "the greatest National Offense in history" ?

    At the bottom of the endless pile of paper work which characterizes all regulation lies a gun .

    Alan Greenspan : The Assault on Integrity , 1963 .
    in Ayn Rand : Capitalism : the Unknown Ideal ,1967
    PaperWork . The futility of the Left's arrogant attempt to codify all medical decisions is witnessed by the kilo-page magnitude of their voted upon outline of detailed regulations to come . The immediate announcement of the need to hire an additional dozen billion dollars worth of IRS agents was as inevitable as any law of physics . And it will have to be matched , by regulation and in self defense by an equal phalanx of lawyers and accountants on the market side .

    The parasites thrive on paperwork . I'm taking the time to write this polemic from time I need to spend in slave work filling out the hundreds of byzantine blanks the IRS demands be filled in a couple of days . Giovanni Coratolo of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce quotes a figure of a trillion dollars ( $1,000,000,000,000 ) regulatory cost in the US . That's close to a third of our total product , and therefore , time .

    But all their imposition of their codified decisions in place of each of ours dealing with life as it arises is doomed to failure . The Austrian economists libertarians revere , Ludwig von Mises and his student F. A. Hayek more than a half century ago explained the Knowledge Problem , why it is impossible for a central bureaucracy to be as functionally intelligent and productive as a free market following price signals . And that is not even considering personal knowledge of counter-parties and other factors . Local ( not moneyCenter ) banks , like the ones here in Teller County , CO , complain that frequently federal regulators won't , in fact , let them loan , or have forced them to foreclose on loans they know to be solid in the long term .

    Why are so many so willing to cede their , and our , freedoms of choice , particularly to make medical and charitable decisions , to bureaucratic force based corporatist monopoly ? Well , I've got to admit it's easier being treated like a child , relieved of the work of evaluation and planning and the stress of responsibility . But , as the USSR and numerous other socialist experiments have shown , it is fatal for a nation's welfare to hobble its adults' freedom to apply their maximal intelligence to their individual and family decisions .

    As I pointed out in Ron Paul and the End of the Broadcast Age , the hierarchical center knows best structure imposed by the Statists is so 20th century "been there , enough of that" in this peer to peer internet age . The would-be emperors and their sycophant media face immediate rebuttal from many of us , just as smart , outside their chains of power and influence .

    The free collective mind of the internet has brought the Global Warming scam to its Waterloo . Let all who understand the importance of freedom of choice to the welfare of their posterity amplify their efforts to convey that understanding to an undeniable majority of our fellow citizens so we can enjoy our own Moskow Spring casting off the burden of our own burgeoning apparatchik .

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