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    Past is Prolog

    Below is a copy of Arthur Whitney's consol documentation for the 2002 version of K  K.CoSy , which remains perhaps the only APL style workspace IDE ever written in K itself .

    \0       data                                                               /
    \+ verbs
    \' adverbs
    \_ system verbs and nouns
    \. assign, define, control and debug
    \: i/o, dynamic load and client/server
    \` os commands, dialog boxes
    \a attributes, dependencies and triggers
    \g gui attributes
    \l f load script f.k
    \s f step script f.k
    \w workspace used, allocated, mapped
    \c [0|1] console [off|on]
    \e [0|1] error flag [off|on]
    \b [t|s] break flag [trace|stop|none]
    \d [d|^] k directory [go to]
    \v [d|^] variables [directory]
    \i [v] invalid [antecedents/dependents]
    \p [n] print precision [digits]
    \t [x] time [x] milliseconds
    \r [s] random seed
    \cd [d] O/S directory [go to]
    \[other] O/S execute
    \\ exit \(escape) ctrl-c(stop)
      \0                          *** TRIM HERE FOR PERFECT SCROLLING ***
    Scalar Vector Empty Inf Null
    integer 0 1 2 !0 0I 0N
    float 0.0 1 2.0 0#0.0 0i 0n
    char " " "12" "" "\0"
    symbol ` `a`b 0#`

    lambda {}
    null _n (_n@i and _n?i are i; _n`v is _n)
    list (x;y;z) () is empty ,... is list of one

    dict .((symbol;value;attributes);...)
    !d symbols
    d[string] execute
    d[`v] d[] values
    d[`v.] d[.] attributes
    d.v is d`v is d[`v] is d@`v is d .,`v
    (also `d)

    ~`v attribute handle (`v.)
    4:x type: atom(1 to 7)[ifcsdnx] list(0 to -4)[KIFCS]
    5:x ascii representation

    Dyad Monad
    + plus flip
    - minus negate
    * times first
    % divide reciprocal
    & min/and where
    | max/or reverse
    < less upgrade
    > more downgrade
    = equal group
    ^ power shape
    ! mod/rotate enumerate
    ~ match not
    , join enlist
    # take/reshape count
    _ drop/cut floor
    $ form/format format
    ? find/invert unique invert-guess
    @ at atom m-amend d-amend
    . dot value m-amend d-amend

    f[x] is f .,x is f@x is f x
    f[x;y] is f .(x;y)
    f' EACH
    d\: EACHLEFT
    d/ OVER f/[init;...] RECUR
    d\ SCAN f\[init;...] TRACE
    m/ CONVERGE n m/ DO b m/ WHILE
    m\ CONVERGE n m\ DO b m\ WHILE
    f(function) d(dyadic) m(monadic) b(boolean)
    scatter selection vector' matrix'
    transitive closure vector/ vector\
    state transition matrix/ matrix\ matrix':

    compose 2+ 8$ ~= ~< ~> *|:(first reverse)
    project pv:{[c;t;d]+/c*d^t} pv[c:.1 .1 1.1;t:1 2 3]d:%1.1
    invert pv[c;t]?.97 pv[c;;d]?.98 pv[;t;d]?.99
    modify @[0 0 0;1 1 0 2 2 0 1 2;+;!8]
    iterate 9{+':0,x,0}\1 9(|+\)\1 1.0
    converge (1+%:)\1.0 {x\'!#x}parent:0 0 1 1 0
    integrate +\2 3 4 *\2 3 4
    differentiate -':0 2 5 9 %':1 2 6 24

    verbs default to dyad. use(:) for monad, e.g. (<;<:)
    Math: _log _exp _abs _sqr _sqrt _floor _dot _mul _inv
    _sin _cos _tan _asin _acos _atan _sinh _cosh _tanh
    y _lsq A is least squares x for y~+/A*x (i.e. Ax=y)

    Rand: x _draw y (from !y); x _draw -y (deal from !y); x _draw 0 (from (0,1))

    Time: _t is gmt seconds. _lt is local from gmt, e.g. _gtime _lt _t
    _jd yyyymmdd (and _dj) for to and from julian day number (0 is monday)

    List: x _in y is 1 if x is an item of y; 0 otherwise (list: _lin)
    x _bin y is binary search for y in ascending x (list: _binl)
    x _dv y and x _di y to delete by value and index (list: _dvl)
    x _sv v (scalar from vector) and x _vs s (vector from scalar)
    _ci i (character from integer) and _ic c (integer from character)
    x _sm y is string match. y can have *?[^-], e.g. files _sm "*.[kK]"
    x _ss y is string/symbol search for start indices. y can have ?[^-].
    _ssr[x;y;z] is string/symbol search and replace. z can be a function.
    _bd d (bytes from data) and _db b (data from bytes). linear form.
    _getenv v (v _setenv s) gets(sets) environment variable v.
    _host addr; _host name; _size file; _exit code.

    Vars: _d(dir) _v(var) _i(index) _t(second) _f(function) _n(null)
    _h(host) _p(port) _w(who) _u(user) _a(address) _k(version) _T(time)
    Dyad D-Amend Monad M-amend
    v::y (or v:y) .[`v;();:;y]
    v+:y .[`v;();+;y] v-: .[`v;();-:]
    v[i]+:y .[`v;,i;+;y] v[i]-: .[`v;,i;-:]
    v[i;j]+:y .[`v;(i;j);+;y] v[i;j]-: .[`v;(i;j);-:]

    @[v;i;d;y] is .[v;,i;d;y] @[v;i;m] is .[v;,i;m]

    {[a;b;c] ...} function definition
    x y z default parameters
    d:... local variable

    control(debug: ctrl-c stop)
    :[c;t;f] conditional
    if[c; ... ]
    do[n; ... ]
    while[c; ...]
    / ... comment
    \ ... trace(escape)
    : ... return(resume)
    ' ... signal

    trap signals with .[f;(x;y;z);:] and @[f;x;:]
    !directory list files(!"" root !"." current)
    0:f f 0:x read/write text(` for console)
    1:f f 1:x read/write data(default .l)
    6:f f 6:x read/write bytes
    f 5:x append data, e.g. `log 5:,transaction
    f 5:n truncate file to n items
    (type;[,]delim)0:f [names+]delimited text( IFCSDTZ)
    (type;width)0:f fixedwidth text( IFCSDTZ)
    (type;width)1:f fixedwidth data(cbsijfd IFCSDZMm)
    Blank skips. S strips. f can be (f;index;length).

    client/server, k f -i 2001 Callback(default)
    w:3:(m;port) open .m.u users(all)
    w 3:msg set/asynch .m.s function(.:)
    w 4:msg get/synch .m.g function(.:)
    3:w close .m.c expression("")

    .m.s .m.g and .m.c can access _w, _u(trunc to 8) and _a.
    m is `machine(localhost) or "ddd.ddd.ddd.ddd" or _a.
    default msg v, (v;i), (v;i;u) or (v;i;u;d). v can be string.
    can't write or message _fn, \kr fn or fn[;x]

    [f]2:(entry;argcount) dynamic load
    `3:string os set command, e.g. `3:"k bck"
    `4:string os get command, e.g. `4:"dir"

    dialog boxes
    f:`4:(`open;type[s][;title]) / (`open;`l`txt)
    f:`4:(`save;type[s][;title]) / (`save;`l`txt)
    x:`4:(`menu;IFS) / (`menu;`a`b`c)
    `4:(`ok;lines[s][;title]) / (`ok;("extreme";"speed"))

    Attributes Type

    h help string
    t trigger expression
    d dependency expression
    c class(display) symbol
    `data(default) atom, list, dict, list of lists, dict of lists
    `chart as above where atom is list of y values
    `plot as above where atom is matrix of (x;y) values
    `check 0 or 1
    `radio symbol (one of ..o; see below)
    `button expression or dictionary of expressions
    `form dictionary of entries of any class(incl. `form)

    Triggers neither self-invalidate nor refire.
    Dependencies should have no side-effects and cannot loop.
    Triggers, dependencies and attributes can access _d _v and _i.
    Screen data updates can happen incrementally, i.e. change attrs first.

    `show$`v show variable v
    `hide$`v hide variable v

    Display attributes (for variables that have class).
    x width integer(KFONT width)
    y height integer(KFONT height)
    a arrangement nest of symbols(class `form)
    o options list of symbols(class `radio)
    l label string
    kl click label string (also klr)

    Data-display attributes (for variables that have class `data).
    functions (monadic, constant or array) default
    e editable 0 or 1 1
    f format string from data 11$(11.2$)
    g getdata data from string 0$ etc.
    u update update[old;new] :
    fg foreground integer(rrggbb) 0
    bg background integer(rrggbb) -1(808080)

    expressions/events (strings)
    ins, del, f1 ... f12, ctrl_a ... ctrl_z
    k, kr, kk click, click right, double click(precludes e)

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