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    Subject: Re: CoSy?
    Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2010 16:21:36 +0000 (GMT)
    From: andywarren at optonline . net
    To: Bob Armstrong <bob@cosy.com>

    Bob, thanks for your lengthy and detailed response, and I am pleased that I perhaps acted as a catalyst.
    I look forward to the updated 4th CoSY.
    Thanks - Andy

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Bob Armstrong
    Date: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 6:55 pm
    Subject: Re: CoSy?
    To: andywarren at optonline . net
    Cc: Kristan Paige Armstrong

    Wow !

    I didn't think anybody had followed CoSy all these years .

    I use Reva.CoSy as my diary&log and to store my reference account IDs and passwords , etc , and my Shopping list . It overcomes one of the fatal issues with K : inability to copy and paste from other applications . Development has been static for perhaps 2 years now , partially by the diversion of a painful but addictive amount of time understanding , which to me means expressing the essential mathematics in executable array language starting with the simplest cases in the
    classical manner , the physics of planetary temperature to battle the global statist anti-CO2 fraud . Since you are somewhat familiar with K.Cosy , you've motivated me to upload the K.Cosy Job containing all my notes and computations concerning planetary temperature to http://cosy.com/Science/K_CoSy_Warm.txt .

    I spent a good bit of the holiday , weighing moving the most important ideas and algorithms from Reva.CoSy to Factor , "an expressive, fast and full-featured Concatenative language invented by Slava Pestov" . Slava is a world brilliant guy whose jEdit I've been using since I started 4th.CoSy . His Google TechTalk provides working solutions to issues of implementing what Iverson would call adverbs which I am still wrestling with . Factor is a language with wide ranging libraries , and a significant user community . By Thursday night , I had tentatively decided to migrate .

    By Sunday , I had decided that , however little time for , and slow the rate of , making progress on 4th.CoSy , it`s worth is on several grounds .

    • CoSy is built in a Forth built directly in about 50kb Intel architecture code ; Factor is about 12k lines of C . One of my goals is open and transparent code down to the silicon .

    • The philosophical goal of CoSy , inherited from APL , is maximally succinct notation with maximally coherent vocabulary for the executable expression of algorithms . Factor has a whole kitchen sink of "computer science" structures and concepts , but no overriding , crystalline vocabulary ( object & applicative verbs ) . For instance , it has both non-expandable "arrays" and extensible "sequences" . In CoSy , all data objects are extensible "sequences" , or lists . An example of the omissions arising from the sink full of objects path of Factor is the apparent lack of a verb returning the number of items in a sequence . It's one of the essential words you look for in an APL .

    • 4th.CoSy is inheriting K's very simple K-tree structure where all objects are rows of 3 item lists of symbols , values , and attributes . Not coming from an APL background , such a coherent list based structure is not in Factor's ken .

    • Factor is content with the postfix syntax intrinsic to concatenative languages . I seek the visual simplicity which comes with APL's infix which allows verbs themselves to delimit lists . Thus
        { 1 2 3 } { 3 2 1 } [ + ] 2map
        in Factor becomes
        1 2 3 + 3 2 1
      in CoSy . The atomic application of verbs which eliminates the need for the map is already implemented , In current Reva.CoSy it's : i( 1 2 3 )i i( 3 2 1 )i +i .

    • Slava uses a generational garbage collector . Following Arthur Whitney , I am reference counting . This will eventually permit Arthur's never collect , slot inventory method .
    While I could translate my modulo indexed lists of lists augmenting Factor's classes , in the same amount of time , I can make major advances on a much leaner but more coherent Reva.CoSy . None the less , there is a lot to learn from Pestov's Factor .

    You've added to my motivation to perhaps over christmas make time to do some of the minimal vocabulary enhancements which may truly wake up my current Reva.CoSy into a dynamic , workspace like environment . Thanks .

    On 11/22/2010 07:29, andywarren@optonline.net wrote:
    Hi Bob,

    What's the latest with CoSy?
    I played a little with the APL version and K version, and worked up to the Reva version. It crashes pretty frequently on me (XP, SP3), so I didn't get very far.
    Thanks, Andy

    Hi Andy ,

    I'm curious how you happened on my work

    > Comment from user:
    > Hi Bob,
    > I downloaded the FORTH version but it's very rough.

    That's kind . Various things have kept me from making much progress on it
    in recent months .

    > I'd like to have a look at the old APL version.

    It's been a loong time since I last looked at the original flat APL
    version and took a while til I realized the only place to access it is in
    the Yahoo files . But , it seems the files in CoSy2000.EXE still run under
    XP .

    I've made you a member to give you access .

    The last K version is available at http://cosy.com/K/CoSy/membs/ . I still
    use the K version for all my accounting .

    > Best regards, Andy Warren

    Sometime soon I'll reorganize access to the old work . It's pretty
    inaccessible currently .

    Thanks for your interest .

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