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    CoSy MidSummer Mountain Mela 2013 

    2012 08 03 ( Saturday August 3 ) 14:00 til ...
    28124 Highway 67 /  
    Woodland Park , Colorado / 80863-9711
    See CoSy.com frontpage for Google StreetView


    Enjoy an afternoon by Pike Forest , just north of Woodland Park ,
    celebrating  the Summer equivalent
     of Groundhog Day

    Libertarian rules

    Going to be a laid back MMM . Just going to clean up what I can and smoke a turkey , lay in some booze & munchies , and open the gate .  Come and enjoy an afternoon at altitude .  

    This year I've been too busy to get to get away from my screen and enjoy the summer sun or get any much needed outside work done . ( So if you've got a jones to do some chain sawing ,  please come and indulge yourself . )

    The main goals which have been consuming my time are
    • creating a power point presentation for the October Pikes Peak Economics Club meeting on How to Calculate the Temperature of a Radiantly Heated Colored ball -- like our earth .
    • making progress on 4th.CoSy so I'll have something for show-and-tell at this year's Minnowbrook array programming language implementers conference in September in the Adirondacks .
    I'm planning to get to New York City the Tuesday before Minnowbrook to "debut" my power point "out of town" at the Manhattan Libertarian Party monthly meeting .

    I drove out to my 50th reunion at Culver Military Academy in Indiana in May . Impressive school , impressive classmates . I much enjoyed sitting in on a calc class and meeting Nick Counts , head of the math department Most interesting observation : A screen is pulled down in front of the blackboards and a tablet is passed around to students rather than having them go to the board . Didn't manage to meet the science and physics faculty , which I feel is unfortunate because they appear to be captured by the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming nonscience .

    Right before the reunion , the motherboard in my desktop popped .  It consumed a couple of weeks when I got back upgrading to a new 22nm 4-core x86  chip and mobo and 8gB DDR3 memory . Turns out Windows Vista won't run on the new hardware and it was a pita moving to Windows 8 .  Cost a LOT of time . But it is faster now .

    So ,  if you're in the State , drop on up , relax and chat , see the salamander I pulled out of our well , or wander our dozen acres .  If you've a suggestion , or want to RSVP just comment below .

    See ya !

    HummingBird in May 2013 05 09
    HummingBird in May , 2013 05 09
    Cockatoo , Binny ( Laden ) in tree in June , 2013 06 02
    Cockatoo , Binny ( Laden ) in tree in June , 2013 06 02

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    Amos , Cows & Cowboy

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