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with Muralist
Barbara Listenik
and master paint maker Bill Rabinowitz
In memory :
John Westergaard
Invites you to CoSy MidWinter 17 ( 0 origin )

Febuary 7 *
20:00 -
*( for logistic reasons this year's CMWG w b delayed .82% from wed.feb;20040204 )

470 Flushing Ave Williamsburg
3 blk W of G train
( Marcy Houses mark WSW corner )

Bob Armstrong

Premium Bottles available for donation to Manhattan Libertarians and Culver Academies

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    Hostess Barbara Listenik with guests

      This year's CoSy MidWinter Gathering was another in the necklace of memorable events .

      Because of the extension of the War on some Drugs to the herb that made America , tobacco , a party in any bar or "public" place was and will be out of the question .

      Around the end of November , I had the vision of "Tagging" the old circa 1986 portable expo display unit pointlessly taking up space in my closet . Being a notion requiring paint , I immediately thought of artists' paint maker Bill Rabinowitz , who I've respected around the gallery scene since those `80s because he was about the only one who understood color science .

      Bill quickly connected with Muralist Barbara Listenik , and the connection turned out extraordinarily serindipitous .

      At the last minute , it being clear that the party would be too large for her loft , and it looking like a real pain to have the tagging and much activity on the roof as described in the final version of the invitation , the entire empty 4000sqft 5th floor ( which is available for rent ( contact Barbara ) ) was made available .

      Thus , an entire fluorescent lit room was available to set up Tagging Space . Serindipitous to the point of synchronicity was the existance in the remainders of past tenants of some rolls of coated fabric which worked excellently to replace the unusably complicated and heavy magnetically attached original display covering panels . Barbara's friend Rick had the brilliant suggestion of using plastic wire ties to attach the fabric to the frame . Worked beautifully . And dismantling the whole display by just clipping all the ties took max 20 minutes . Great fun to be able to spend some hours in physical reality manipulation rather than the symbol shuffling which fills my life .

      CoSy Parties are experiments
      One thing which probably inhibited the turnout of a bunch of the beer drinking crowd from Manhattan was the MTA's closing of both the 14th St "L" line and the "A" line south of West 4th making getting to the "G" line to get to the party absurdly complicated . The subway on saturday was a mess .

      click for full .TIF Being basically a beer drinker , without much thought , I had decided to get a keg of interesting beer for the party . I learned what an incredible hassle the neo-prohibitionist nanny-socialists have turned renting a keg into . The place on Chrystie I have traditionally gotten beer at no longer sells kegs except to established bars because of the hassle .

      We Found American Beer Distributors on Court in Brooklyn which had a rather short list of beers available . Of these , we got the excellent Hop Devil Ale from Victory of Pennsylvania . You can click the thumbnail at the right to see how I had to sign under penalty of purjury that no one under 21 would possibly get at the keg . Plus a $75 deposit for the state !

      Because fewer of the Beer crowd showed up than expected ( several gallons of hard liquor and wine were consumed ) and those who came brought some very good beers of their own , I have quite a bit of beer to consume in the next few days .

      One experiment I tried at this party was to have premium ( some of my favorite selections and otherwise interesting ) bottles of Talisker Scotch , Duvel , Sauza Hornitos , etc available at about twice their discount price , available for donations to the Manhattan Libertarians and my alma mater , Culver.org . No takers .

      None the Less , a Great Memory
      It was great to see many expected and unexpected friends , including a larger "teky" contingent than expected who even had me show a few lines of K.CoSy I used to calculate how many wire ties I needed and the accounting for the party costs , and even the most tenuous work towards future CoSy on my notebook .

      And to hear many people enjoy having a space to release their creativity .

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