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    The 14th CoSy Mid Winter Gathering .
    Bob Armstrong , Libertarian for New York 8th Congressional District
    Campaign Kickoff and Voter Registration Drive
    Bob Armstrong by Salvador Rosillo


    The quality of these RealVideo clips shows we are at the begining of our learning curve .
    They have to download completely before they play .
    Mark Edgarton`s
    New Jersey Libertarian for Governor
  Video clips by Chris Garvey
    Bob`s bit


    You are cordially invited to
    The 14th CoSy Mid Winter Gathering .
    Bob Armstrong , Libertarian
    for New York 8th Congressional District
    Campaign Kickoff and Voter Registration Drive

      TO   LIE   IS   TO   TAKE     NOT   MAKE  

    Aboard The historic LightShip "Frying Pan"
    ( Pier 63 on the Hudson @ 23rd , around north side of of BasketBall City ) ( Bring a camera )
    Friday , February 4 , 19:30 ( 7:30PM ) ; Some words @ 21:00 .
    See See for complete Invite .

    --- BobArmstrong    -- --    212-285-1864 ---
    ---- ----
    My 14th CoSy MidWinter Party is , as always , February 4 .

    This year MidWinter falls on Friday ; Party starting 19:30 .

    The space , the LightShip "Frying Pan" , docked @ Pier 63 , commissioned in 1929 , sunk for three years in the `80s , makes one think what the engine room of the Titanic must look like .

    This year`s party will also be the Kickoff of my Campaign , as Liberatian for US Congress here in the New York 8th district .

    The Libertarian Party has been called the Party of the Web for good reason so it seems reasonable that I`m down here in Silicon Alley seeking to upgrade the quality of our representation in Congress .

    The party , as always is free , but those who are not registered to vote will be asked to fill out the form then and there .

    Hope to see you there . My parties get raves ( pun just occured , can`t deny it now ) . Bob A.

    Post Card Image
    The Libertarian Principal is that Life is optimized when based on voluntary exchanges between individuals who own the product of their efforts .
    Governments are instituted among Men to secure that Principal .
    The consent to the use of Force by one Class of citizens over the rest has proven to be very dangerous .

    The notion that a Political Class , whose tool is Force , is wiser , more charitable , or more moral than each of us who trade our services in the marketplace and who simply claim the right to self defense , led to Hitler`s National Socialism , and Stalin`s and Mao`s and Pol Pot`s Communism .

    At the end of the 20th century , in our US Democracy , the Statist Fallacy has revealed itself in Fraud fronting for Force in the Con Artistry of the Clintons .
    The failure of the State to even fire its Chief Law Enforcement Officer for Lying in its Court when accused of violating Laws He signed Himself , destroys the State`s claim to Legitimacy .
    At the same time more of our fellow citizens are in prison for State defined "crimes" which effect only themselves , and which tend to require violations of the Bill of Rights to pursue and proscecute .

    In the market , every dollar you spend is a vote for one person`s product or another .
    Your choice in the Political market is limited to a few votes every few years . The system is so inefficient and apparently uncontrolable that many whose Freedoms are most under attack , have given up or never used even that small franchise . These are the votes which helped make history in Minnesota in `98 ; These are votes I need to shake the system here in NYC .

    I seek the votes particularly of those who have never felt they had a reason to vote before . If you are not registered to vote , fill out and bring with you the form below or fill one out when you get there .

    ( You can also get the form from or )

    Note the subtle discrimination against newly attractive parties in the lack
    of an "Other" ________________ line for "Party" .

    Ultimate Executive NoteComputer
    Note : I reserve the right to post all communications I receive or generate to CoSy website for further reflection .

    Contact : Bob Armstrong ; About this page : Feedback ; 212.285.1864
    Coherent Systems / 42 Peck Slip 4b/ New York NY 10038.1725
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