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    Arthur Whitney's K is by many measures one of the most powerful programming languages .
    K.CoSy turns it into an interactive "NoteComputing" environment .

    CoSy "Turn on and Use" Note-Computing Environment
    Customized with K.CoSy for Individuals and Groups
    who earn their living thru analytical thought .

      Highest value use :
    • Consultant , Analyst , Auditor ,
      Venture Capitalist   Notebook
    • Rapid Quantitative ( particularly Financial ) Modeling
      Requisite ablities :
    • Remembering function keys .
    • Grasping great generalities .
      Recent uses :
    • Diary / Log   with Ledgers
    • HTML Preprocessing view source of this page for examples
    • Screen Scraping ( converting data copied from web pages using ctrl-c , HTML table extraction
    • Portfolio Analysis
    • Email file pre-examination
      Examples from K.CoSy :
    • Color Pallet Widget  Something a little less boring than ledgers
    " So well done, CoSy has stimulated me into trying to learn K "

     Click to see Full Screen .
    Old flat APL CoSy ( blue )
    in front of neonatal K.CoSy
    After 17 years living in my CoSy "notecomputing" environment created in STSC's flat APL+PC , I have since Thanksgiving 2000 created a similar working and programming environment in Arthur Whitney's K language and its tightly coupled GUI . ( See )

    Already K.CoSy provides an extremely productive workspace like environment previously impossible in K which is itself one of the most expressive and perhaps the fastest language yet created .

    Among my uses of K.CoSy is the preprocessing of these web pages with a small vocabulary I have constructed to allow embedding of arbitrary K expressions in my HTML . ( View the source of this page for a couple of examples of embedded K . )

    If you have an interest in exploring K , K.CoSy's open definitions , interactivity , and memory of every thing you do , greatly ease the task . The only silver lining to the horrendous disk crash I suffered mid June is that reconstructing from scratch , the code is much cleaner and more mature .

    Caution : K and K.CoSy must be considered eXtreme programming environments .
    If that appeals to you , prepare to be amazed . If not , K and K.CoSy may be totally inscrutable to you .

    ( move cursor on pik to see Alt comment )
     Like a Lotus Super 7 , lot of bare metal , but can gobble Corvettes on a twisty course .

     Click for full size Here is what you see when you click "click to start" opening K.CoSy .

    Click .CoSy.text to see the whole contents of the variable `text when you first load the current version K.CoSy .

    These should give you a flavor of the open nature of K.CoSy and a glimpse of its broad utility .

    Klik to see Help on the defined Keys in `text . Click to see full size .
 ( result of tapping f1 , then saving  r to .r )


    K.CoSy , being young and developing open code , lends itself to offer by subscription .
    Charter subscriptions are available for just $30 . Subscription includes access for one year to the source files in the protected MEMBERS directory and the ability to post to the group ( and , of course , to ask me any usage and technical questions .   Message archives ( not files ) are visible even to non-subscribers . . Current members of the CoSy/Notecomputing group are automatically Charter Subscribers with full access privileges .

    To become a member of CoSy and experience its extreme simplicity :
    1. Go to and download a copy of K ( or Kdb which includes K ) . Download their docs too ; CoSy assumes you know or want to learn K . CoSy does a lot to tame K , but you will see what a wild mindmeld Arthur has condensed .

    2. Subscribe to K.CoSy NoteComputing Language Pool .

      Drop me an email or give me a call letting me know you are writing a check . Or you can use PayPal by clicking the button below .

      Use Responsibly

    3. I will then add you to our members' mail group , and email you the information to access our members' directories and files including how to download and setup K.CoSy .
    This is all very fresh , please contact me with any questions or suggestions .
    Bob A --

    The Ultimate Executive NoteComputer
    Note : I reserve the right to post all communications I receive or generate to CoSy website for further reflection .

    Contact : Bob Armstrong ; About this page : Feedback ; 212.285.1864
    Coherent Systems / 42 Peck Slip 4b/ New York NY 10038.1725
    /\ /\ Top /\ /\ ;