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Montreal , October 22
Planetary Temperature

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The event which prompts my getting out my first newsletter since shortly before Ray Cannon's APL Moot in Surrey England last summer , NL0607 , is again announcing the presentation of the evolving free and open 4th.CoSy "notecomputing" environment . I'll be presenting an hour and a half interactive tutorial introduction at the ACM APL2007 conference being held in conjunction with OOPSLA the week of October 21st . I'll leave most of the details to the abstract and other documentation available at my CoSy/CoSy page , in the CoSy/Forum , and in the interactive help which you start in when you download and boot up the software itself . While still an embryo , I have now been using 4th.CoSy as my main daily diary since , well , I see October 7 last year , and have tapered off the use of old K.CoSy to the not inconsiderable task of family accounting .

I have also been invited to participate in a panel comparing and contrasting the various available array oriented languages . To the question of the strongest aspect of 4th.CoSy , my answer is that it's free and open and if a handful of talented individuals get interested , we'd represent a larger development team than any commercial vendor .

It's somewhat short notice , but I hope a few of you language addicts can make it to Montreal . As I say in the introduction to the interactive documentation , at this point in its development , I offer 4th.CoSy as a mental jungle-gym upon which to exercise your anabolic talents .


I've said in posts on the Manhattan Libertarian Serf City blog and on their Yahoo Group that Ron Paul's presidential candidacy is the most historic in my life time . The march towards a global nanny police state by the US government led me to become an activist Libertarian nearly a decade ago . Now a groundswell is erupting among the broadband connected which is shocking and awing the NeoCon war-mongers . In the quarter just closed , Paul raised $1.2 million mostly in the last week . Essentially the race is between Ron Paul and everyone else . The truth that he is the only candidate who has a chance of beating Hillary in 2008 is starting to sink in to republicans . Just how many of us are changing our registration to flood the republican party primaries will be interesting to see , but it's clear there are millions of us who are mad ( and scared ) as hell and are doing everything we can about it . Unless this country radically changes course , I seriously am looking for freer country to move to . But if the US is not gotten back under control , no place will be safe .

Without the internet it would have been very difficult to leave NYC for Colorado ; with it , I continue to be webmaster of , and , following some unfortunate cock-ups last spring , have taken over as moderator of the ManhattanLibertarians Yahoo group . I also post on the NYC Junto and Preston Peet's mail groups .


The NeoCon philosophy has much more to do with defending zionism than anything to do with traditional conservatism . It is clear why the mind set controlling the country protested so loudly against giving a microphone to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad . While a religious nut like all the rest of them , he blows away the characterizations of him and Iran that are continually drummed on us by the state/media .

In this day of instantaneous transcripts and videos , the MSM censor more than inform . Thank the flow of existence for CSPAN . Here the videos of the

And that afternoon

The NPC asks the better questions , but the 2 events tend to be complementary .

Here's a bit of what he really said :

  • He is less a dictator and more representatively elected than most other leaders in the mid-east arguably including Israel .
  • He does not deny the "holocaust" ( one of many in the 20th century ) rather he asks why among all topics of study are half a dozen or more researchers and academics of various credentials in prison in Europe for questioning various aspects of it .
  • He asks why should the indigenous Palestinians have been paying for sixty years living in the most god-awful mess on the planet for what was a European event . He points out that before zionism , muslims , jews , christians and even zoroastrians lived in peace thru out the mid east and even today a community of around 25,000 jews live , with representation , in Iran ( and in fact have rejected inducements to move to Israel ) . It's clear his brand of the religious nuttiness , common to all the "warring" regimes , including Bush , is monotheism . He emphasizes the commonalities between the 0 , 1 , and 2 messiah sects rather than their differences .
  • He proposes a referendum of all the population of palestine to decide the future of the region . This , of course , is why he is so feared by the zionists , both christian and jewish , both in Israel and here . A vote of all the people of the region would end the zionist experiment .
  • He considers nuclear weapons an outdated and useless way to manage international relationships . But he absolutely demands that Iran have equal rights to develop its science and technology , including nuclear , as any other country .
What in all of this are the rants of a madman ? Surely it must be admitted that he projects far more intelligence and is far more articulate than our president . This is what is truly feared . That he's not a nut . Rather the zionist side in its apoplectic hysteria to silence him shows the desperation of its case . If you want to see real saber rattling , go to the Jerusalem Post .

With respect to his much derided comment that there are no homosexuals ( alternately translated no "homosexual culture" ) in Iran , Mosaic TV had some informative links :

My view is : a pox on all religions - starting with the monotheists whose first commandment is "Me , me , me , bow to me and none other" . The first clause of our first amendment should have kept us out of all this crap . See .

It must be noted that Ahmadinejad did NOT deny that Iranian weapons were getting into Iraq , just that the US was deluding itself to think this was the source of its problems .

It is not appreciated sufficiently , that rather than control of oil directly , the purpose of invading Iraq was to establish large permanent military bases there to replace those in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere . That ever less achievable goal is a core reason why democrats like Hillary will not put an end to American occupation .

The most recent print issue of SerfCity.US featured my 4000 word pursuit of the classic physics of planetary temperature as its centerfold article . The basic premise of the global warming fear mongers -- that uniform changes in the spectrum of layers of the atmosphere can change the mean temperature of our radiantly heated sphere from the temperature of the space around it -- continues to offend my understanding of the most elementary thermodynamics . Heat does not go up hill and stay there .

The real issue is whether rationality will catch up with this subject before the global governments do too much damage .

There are increasing numbers of very strong videos skeptical of global warming on YouTube . ( rather like the Ron Paul phenomenon ) For this newsletter I've given up doing any fancy editing and splicing of the video of the experiment I did with black , white and silver ping pong balls in the Colorado sun last spring . I've just uploaded the last clip I took because it was clouding up and I had completed all the relavant permutations I could think of . ( There appears to be some problem rendering YouTube screen objects with Mozilla Thunderbird and AOL if not others . If there's no screen to the right , click here to read online , or open the attached HTML in a browser . The temperatures indicated are pretty typical tho . ( note the thermometer on the left tended to read 0.2c below the others . ) The GW alarmists claim that minute changes in the reflectivity of the planet will make major changes in its mean temperature . I found no difference between a flat black painted and a natural white ping-pong ball and at most about 2c with a "chrome" painted ball . I also got a feeling for what a small change the at most 0.8c increase in temperature this century is . It's hard to get thermometer readings to be stable within less than ~ 0.2c . I'd really like to see this experiment done "professionally" in a vacuum , and I'd really like to see the equations which predict exactly how much heating or cooling different paint jobs will produce . Despite the lifestyles of millions riding on this science , I have failed to find such basic equations anywhere on the web .

My old grad school roommate Greg Stanley and his wife stopped by this summer . Greg's PhD is in Chemical Engineering ( the process control side ) and he thinks in PDEs . We've since corresponded about the problem , but I won't have time to dive into it again until after APL2007 . I do think we will be able to come to some definitive equations . My last note to him was just a brief comment that I wanted to understand marbles before taking on fluids . Expressing these relationships in 4th.CoSy so I can have my own little planetary models will be an early gauge of the succinctness , clarity and power of its notation .

One impressive video I happened on while uploading my clip is Noam Mohr and the Internet Skeptic on Global Warming The Skeptic's computation of CO2 residence time of about 20 years from Mauna Loa measurements is straight forward , and how any GW "scientists" could claim uncertainty of between 50 and 200 years is criminal given the stakes involved .

Last Winter we were snowed in for weeks at a time . A deaf dog disappeared . A mare out at a trainer on the plains died . It's been a wet year til this month . We lost - thru a bad vet and ignorance - a beautiful palomino to an ankle infected after being badly cut on corral fencing . Have a new foal and a yearling by him tho . They are learning bad habits from the gelding , Tie . After being down to 3 ducks , the female hatched 10 of which 7 have survived . Their father is their brother and it shows . Saw a beautiful fox coming up to the house for the dog food . All 3 adult cats disappeared within a couple of weeks . Left with 3 kittens of the litter born in my bedroom around the same time as the ducks . The ducks are adults ; the kittens still kittens . The conure , OneEyedJack , which lost an eye in a cat fight stays my shoulder to the bank or Blockbusters .

The other day I spent the entire afternoon searching for our retarded african gray parrot which I ended up finding after a 0c night in a grove of pine saplings on our neighbor's side of the fence over 100m away . had a bunch of coverage of the sudden death at 31 of a supposed genius african gray at MIT or somewhere . Our gray's only talent is meowing like a cat and is otherwise dumber if possible than even our 10 ducks which are so dumb you wouldn't feel that much of a pang offing and eating them . In contrast , our cockatoo and conure pack an amazing intelligence in their little walnuts .

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