Subject: Re: Re : Matt Walker insanity
From: ****@***-*******.com
Date: 2017-08-20 13:19
To: Bob Armstrong <>

Happy to talk to the court or to supply cross exam testimony to invalidate the pipsqueak as a lying piece of shit.

My phone is ***.***.**** .

On 8/20/2017 12:46 PM, Bob Armstrong wrote:
***** ,

Sorry we missed each other Friday in CS . Your call came just as I was getting home and I never answer "unknown number"s . I figure if it's important they'll leave a voicemail .

Considering your vm important I took an extra step to save it . But if it's in there I don't know how to get to its special place .

The main points , tho , I hope you are right that Walker won't show up .

Even retaining my friend Mike Slivka would be $1000 which is a victory I don't want to give Walker . Mike told me how to obtain the "discovery" on the case from the DA's office which I requested Wednesday but have not received and thus will not see before court . Among the observations and recommendations I made to our sheriff Jason Mikesell , who I chatted with again at the Teller republican "Big Tent" picnic yesterday , was that neither the Jail nor Sheriff's Office staff know that simple answer . It's one thing he plans to correct immediately .

I'm going to print out the and the referenced emails .

One thing I'd like to ask from you is that you allow me to request the court to call you to answer or validate any issues they may have . At the very least , that will serve to validate the emails and put the onus on the rather inaccessible court for failing to make use of today's ubiquitous technology . Frankly I don't think it will be a issue ; they use some Skype like connection to conduct their arraignments from the Divide jail to Cripple Creek .

Might you be around for a call later , perhaps around 1600 ?

Thanks for everything .

Incidentally , I absolutely have to set my itinerary for Europe : this week . I think you're much more knowledgeable about such travel so I might ask for any advice .

Peace thru Freedom
Honesty enforced thru Transparency ,

 Bob A
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