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    One of the great hosts who contributed to my introduction to the world of evaluating and buying and selling bits or bites of minimally marketable companies , John Westergaard , passed away early in 2003 .

    In `99 John was hailed by Pat Moynahan for being the Wall Street analyst who brought the Y2K bug to WDC`s attention . ( Search for Y2K here on CoSy to see my emails with John on the subject . ) The SEC ruined John's last few years on ridiculous charges that he did not adequately disclose that the companies presenting at his conferences or website were footing the bill ( See John`s Fax ) . John , like Bob Flaherty's Equtities Magazine and Ted Feit's NY Stockbrokers Club , present companies , most moderate , some great , and some silly . They provide a market place where the presenter buys the lunch , or buffet & bar , and the potential investors must make their own evaluations . One of John's conferences is where I first saw Bob Saxe's Research Frontiers ( REFR ) which after years of investment is creating the industry of electrically dimmable window glass .
    Chet Paulson has continued John's tradition of small cap conferences and with Chuck Strain his small cap gas and oil conferences . The internet has changed the nature of these conferences a great deal with online availability of documentation and simulcasting of the conferences , but meeting the individuals running these companies mano a mano cannot be replicated at a distance .
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    Note : I reserve the right to post all communications I receive or generate to CoSy website for further reflection .

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