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    TranSport / GoPed Refs

    Original | JOBTS |>| Saved by: BobA at 1996 8 27 3 14 13 370 |

    990610| See CoSy/MotorBoarding for First Impressions of the
    new Viza Venture .

    The original modern MotorBoard was the California GoPed which continues to have a substantial niche .

    These machines have solid rubber wheels driven by a friction roller directly from the engine . Their only brake is a bare bicycle brake caliper ( no pads ) squeezing directly on the solid front tire .
    The handle-bar is a simple T with no offset head end for stability .
    These machines are not capable of regular use ranging from one end of Manhattan to the other , or out to Coney Island & back .

    Zap Inc is making an electric version similar to the GoPed . These have the intrisic limitations of all battery vehicles : MUCH greater weight ( and bulk ) to energy ratio limiting performance and range . ZAP is trading on the NASD : Bulletin Board , and you can invest in them if it makes you feel eco-good . But , if you`re interested in investing in a company intent on making MotorBoards practical Personal Urban TranSport , kongo ( great Japanese word : " now on " ) , contact us .

    Here`s a list of sources for GoPeds that Yahoo came up with in `96 .

    California Go-Ped
    Scooter Maniacs ; 20030306

    Other related Links .

    If you would be interested editing this page on GoPed class vehicles , contact us .
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