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When the BobJackson 10-speed I had had for 17 years was stolen outside a gallery opening on Broadway near Houston back on WED.JUN,1990.6.6 , I delayed getting a replacement.

I became aware of the existence of very small gas powered ' skateboards with a handle ' which , while primitive , looked to offer the mobility I sought . I later learned these are California Go-Peds . By the spring of `94 , I finally found a much more ' road-worthy ' machine developed substantially by Anthony Pepe up on East 85th Street here in Manhattan . I have been pushing the limits of reliablity of his Syracuse assembled machines since .

Now , CoSy brings his top of the line ' Phantom XL ' with 8" pneumatic tires , front and rear disk brakes , and 2-stroke US-Engine to the WorldWideWeb .

Proposed Regulations

Prices are generally about the cost of a few months parking for a car here in Manhattan .

I keep my own MotorBoard on the tile floor of my kitchen . Folded , it is easier to carry than a bicycle . It provides previously impossible mobility around the city . Plastic grocery bags hang easily on the handle bar .
I have proposed appropriate regulations to the local councilwoman to work
toward the normalization of this new mode of urban transportation . CoSy will be
adding select safety and ancilliary equipment as we establish relationships .
I will be posting actual fuel usage ( a negligable cost in any case ) and reliability experience on my odometer equiped personal machine .

TranSports are available in : Red , Blue , Yellow , Green , Purple , or Black ;
and come with 90 day warrenty . Purchase from CoSy over the web provides the distinct advantage of support and communication via e-mail and the CoSy website .

For individual , dealer , industrial orders , investment , or simply further info ,
\BobArmstrong;212.285.1864 ;Coherent Systems, Inc/ 42 Peck Slip 4b/ New York NY 10038.1725 ;

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