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( including a vocabulary to talk to a K Language process . )

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I continue to be alone in virtually all business meetings I attend in actually using my notebook to take notes . The core of it`s continual utility is its open linguistic foundation .

The CoSy NoteComputing Environment has stood the test of time in daily Business life in New York and Chicago . Now , thru convergent evolution , Internet World Wide Web makes accessing the worlds computers as easy as recalling a Job in CoSy .

Interested in  8 figure investment , contact me .

While immediately useful for essentials like dialing the phone , CoSy , Built on APL , has the richness of language to embed the most complex of your business , recordkeeping , and mathematical challenges .

Spreadsheets have replaced cellular ledger paper, CAD/CAM systems have replaced the drafting table and graph paper.
But, Other than CoSy , there has not been a computing environment which sucessfully replaces ordinary notebook paper - the tool of personal management.

Beyond individualized introduction to CoSy , e-mail & the Web , CoSy users are encouraged to communicate their problems and solutions via group E-mail and 'CoSyTek' user gatherings .

For those of you already Computer & Web self-sufficient , see !CoSy/Language for a shareware copy of the CoSy/APL environment .

Contact me if you would like to add CoSy to your arsenal or supply it as a truely usable environment for your clients .

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