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    Iceland to Luxembourg

    I used Airhitch to get to Europe for the APL conference in Roma Italy at the height of the season last summer for $370 . Essentially they supply a list of flights leaving regional airports which are running with extra space . I ended up catching Icelandic to Luxembourg from where I took an overnight train down to Roma .

    Iceland Airport

    Herr Weiss , ein fellow Bier und Cigar enjoyer , civil servant on holiday from Holland , who poured me on the uberNacht Zug sud zu Roma .


     JPGs emailed
 to me by Yukiko Okubo
    JPGs emailed to me by Yukiko Okubo
    & 1 Polaroid by Steve Halasz

    For my Fellow APLers , sorry this time , since digital cameras are
    getting more common  See Yukiko`s
 pictures above , I pretty much just took ( ~ Conference ) pictures .
    If any one has more conference shots let me know to link or load .
    Particularly , I would love to see any pictures of the Vineyard Party .

    First evening after renting a 50cc Yamaha Scooter , I happened up to an
    African music concert up by the Galleria d` Arte Moderna .

    Sunday afternoon I ended up at a Cybercafe near the Vatican .

    & got invited to join an amateur Baseball team for dinner .

    After the conference , I rode my scooter over to the Coast to see where the Fiume Tevere met the Tyrrhenian Sea .

    It was a hot bright day and hundreds of thousands of others had also come down to the Lido de Ostia .

    The River has a couple of openings : one has just fishing shacks and not much else ; The other , Fiumiacino is a real town , with a small fish market and the ferry to Sardinia .

    I concluded Roma happened where the River Tibris corugates its way into the foothills from the coastal plain .
    Paolo , Was I mistaken or were those prostitutes hanging in the lightly wooded area along the highway that I think ends up in Via Portuense ?

    The last evening , I was hanging , smoking an Antico Toscano  which Roberto turned me on to and a cold draft premium Peroni along the cafes across the Plaza Venezia from the Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II when Guy pronounced 'Gee' Martin from Cuidad Quebec  Who finds CoSy useful ambled by .

    I mentioned to Guy that I planned to head over to a place I had seen to that I wanted to add to my Web Art Gallery .
    Guy Hopped on the back of the Yamaha 50cc & we scooted over to see Jonathan and his Angels

    The next morning my comrades Sasha & Sveta Whose siren voice taught the history of Russia to Paolo`s guitar at
 the CoSy Festa dei Vincitori over grappa in the vineyards of Villa Simone Skomorokhov

    shared a cab to the airport where we waited together - them for Aeroflot ,
    me for a cavernously empty 747 Airhitch back to JFK .

    Rapid Quantitive Modeling
    & a whole lot more
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    in the Boroughs of New York City

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