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    CoSy/APL98 Pix
    Iceland - Luxembourg
    I used Airhitch to get to Europe for the APL conference in Roma Italy at the height of the season last summer for $370 . Essentially they supply a list of flights leaving regional airports which are running with extra space . I ended up catching Icelandic to Luxembourg from where I took an overnight train down to Roma .

    Iceland Airport

    Runway lichen & rocks .

    Humans add color

    Nederland tamed controled coast

    LuxemBourg Gare centrale ( BahnHof )

    Upper Town , Gare
    Petrusse Gorge
    Pleasant PM view from Pub down by the river Alzette , Grund

    Herr Weiss , a fellow Bier und Cigar enjoyer , civil servant on holiday from Holland , who poured me on the uberNacht Zug Sud zu Roma .

    Rapid Quantitive Modeling
    & a whole lot more
    CoSy Homes
    Constructing affordable homes
    in the Boroughs of New York City

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