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    Bob Armstrong
    /(/ Mon.Sep,20150907 /)/

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    Previously Modified | DDT |>| fri.jul.20070727.140944 SAT.DEC,971220,10:20-5 | CoSy/Home ; CoSy/Current Coherent Systems Inc .

    | ======================== | Mon.Sep,20150907 | ======================== |
    Safeway has a sale on mussels , 1.99 % lb .  I bought a bag .

    While shucking thru a bowl of the little fellers , I reminisced about one of my last parties held at 42 Peck Slip .  I decided to have mussels . So I got a stock pot big enough to be used as an end table from one of the Bowery restaurant supply places . And gallons of whole milk and pounds of butter and some habaneros  and garlics . And got up early MidWinter  morning and went down to the Fish Market to get mussels .

    Fantastic prices on mussels just then .  Regular were , like , 15$ a bushel bag ; premium were , like , 16 . If my old 1.44MB "floppys" are readable , I'm sure the transaction can be found . They were so cheap , I bought 2 and had them handtrucked over to 42 .

    They were giant and meaty . The meat in one of them was equivalent to ten of these Safeway suckers .

    My greatest complement was life long NYCer Len Rosenfeld effusing that they were the best mussels he ever had , something he identified me by in following years .  We all pretty much finished off one bushel , but didn't touch the second .  I ended up hauling it downstairs to MacMenamin's Paris Cafe around 0400 , maybe later , and just giving it to the bar . In those pre-Giuliani I bragged that I must be doing something right to live somewhere I could go downstairs and get Guinness on tap 24 hours a day . ( When they closed for the public , they opened for the Fish Market . )

    I see Len died at 84 in 2009 . So many of the Manhattan milieu I knew have croaked their last . 

    Which got me wondering whether Konstantine Bokov is still hiking the streets and avenues finding form in the urban jetsam . At Len & Janet's New Year's Eve 2000 party , Bokov decorated my hat of those times :

    It's good to see Konstantine is alive at 74 and his art more appreciated than ever :

    Well , back to real work .
    Happy Labor Day .
    | ======================== | Fri.Jul,20070727 | ======================== | 
     A note and image from deana.divizio @ prompted me to update this
    page for the first time in a decade . Bokov was one of the very first
    artists I built my /art page around and I was  privileged to have him as a
    friend in my years in NYC .
    When I left Manhattan in 2005 , Bokov's work was prominently featured in a
    gallery on Pier 17 at South Street Seaport .
    The email : 
     I had bought a sculpture done by Constantine Bokov from a man doing an
    apartment/loft sale in NYC about 2 years ago. I did some research on
    Bokov, and I believe what I have is an original "Recyled" sculpture. I
    found your website on the internet.

    I have attached a photo of it. If there is any information you can
    give me please email me back, it would be appreciated.


    Perhaps the artist most bought by other artists . ( because he has been cheap , never having made peace with capitalism . ) While he does do sketches and even some paintings , Constantine has an amazing eye to see meaningful form in random objects .

    Here is Bokov with my cousin Jean Martin at my 1995 CoSy MidWinter Gathering .

    940930 | ' Who have eaten the Skunks ? '
    When I told him I had hung it between two windows facing the East River , he said I should have taken it down to the river and set it free .

    1990 | ' Gorby '

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