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    The Basic Basics
    of planetary temperature in a few lines of APL
    I'll be presenting  The Basic Basics

    The PowerPoint

    Panel 18 : Robert Armstrong, Dr. Anthony Lupo, and Dr. Olavi Karner  (Moderator: Norman Rogers)
    Watch Also :  Panel 18 Q&A

    Summary : Calculation of Earth's Radiative Balance

     Draft outline for presentation  :

  • Global Temperature is an Issue of Quantitative Physics .
    • At what point does implementing classical physics become model making ?
      "Model" not a dirty word . "Climate Model" currently seems to be .
  • APL : A Tool of Thought : Executable Notation for Finite Mathematics 
    • Evolved from notation for matrix algebra by Ken Iverson et al at IBM Watson Research in 1960s .  APL originally just "A Programming Laguage" .  Array Programming Language more descriptive .
    • Expected market : Scientific ; Actual : complex Financial , eg , accounting  , models ,
  • Calculation of the Mean Temperature of a Radiantly Heated Colored Ball in our orbit
  • Application to Parameters of Venus .  Hansen's claim that it is a runaway greenhouse does not compute CoSy.com .
  • Plug for experimentally verified quantitative physics based explanation of our observed temperature .
    • Must explain observed temperature in terms of measured energy received from Sun , not just observed correlations between terrestrial phenomena .
    • Rather complete planetary model possible in just a few pages of well factored APL definitions totally competitive with million line climate models -- but understandable and open to anyone .

  • | 20150926.1226 | Since the talk , I have come to understand that the next quantitatively understood parameter which must be included in the equations is gravity . See NPR Censors Science for some discussion .
    Implementing these rather straight forward equations will be an early test for 4th.CoSy .

    If you see my work as being useful to you in the largest sense , your support would be most helpful .
    If you have any projects you would care to emphasize , let me know .
    If you have any product notions which could use my tek , let's meet .

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