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      From : Bob Armstrong <> Subject : [nycjunto-discuss] The BIG LIE still works Date : Sat, 5 Apr 2003 17:37:13 -0500 To : Junto <> I won't repeat my view of governance at all scales from neighborhood to global which I presented in my email on 03/24 . I have uploaded it to[nycjunto]Re_FriedmanNYT.eml I'll just quote : However , in this case , I think it is clear that the UN was transparently reflecting the opinions of the world's populations , and the gross dishonesty , distortion and warmongering by US was clear to all with access to media beyond the American mainstream . At Junto Thursday , I was most surprised at the apparent acceptance of the BIG LIEs of the Bush War and Terror mongers . The record has been disgusting . The standard set by the Clinton debacle that the President can be more of a liar than lawyers permit among themselves , has been used with gusto by Bush and his fellow US hegemonists who look for security thru global force and fear rather than representation and rational conviction . It won't work . THE TERROR LEVEL IS UP not down . And we have bred perhaps 10s of thousands of Saddam Bin Laden's . What else can come from naked overwhelming force backed by exposed lies and frauds and forgeries . -- And at the same time , the continuing colonization and Bantustanization of the Palestinian region on the basis of the explicit denial of the wisdom of the very first clause of our own first amendment causes the hearts of moral people around the globe to seethe as did South African apartheid . You can either believe in the wisdom of our first amendment as a foundation for domestic tranquility , or you can believe in Zionism . They are not compatible . There are a number of religions which proselytize "be fruitful and multiply" , some Moslems , Catholics , Mormons and Hassidic Jews , among them . ( There is a general tendency for religions to be pro propagation and states to be pro non-reproductive ( as long as non- capitalistic ) gratification . ) A fecundity war has been noted by both sides in Jerusalem . The Jewish settler population in the occupied territories has doubled from 200,000 to 400,000 in just the last few years with 66 new settlements this year ( if I heard the facts correctly ) . The voice of the world cannot afford to be , and will not be intimidated by US anti-democratic militarist supremacy into ignoring this most grotesque and dead-end oppression of a population . Iraq will have been just a short term diversion from this open wound . It has been suggested that NATO "peace-keepers" move in . The non- Zionist population would welcome anybody ( but US ) who might protect them from the slaughter and destruction which continue whether or not another Mau-Mau attack against the massively armed master class happens or not . See for an alternative vision based on American founding principles . --  Bob Armstrong -- -- 212-285-1864 Ultimate Computing Environment : A WTC vision :                  2003/04/05 1:10:16 PM ------------------------ Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ---------------------~--> Save Smiley. Help put Messenger back in the office. ---------------------------------------------------------------------~-> To Post a message, send it to: To Unsubscribe, send a blank message to: Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to
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