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        From:     Bob Armstrong 
        Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2004 14:18:05 -0600
        Subject: Re: CoSy futures
        On Fri, 08 Oct 2004 16:19:15 -0400, joseph mcelroy wrote:
        > Hey Bob,
        > It would be almost impossible (without a few billion dollars or few
        > thousand programmers) to market a new general purpose operating system
        > to a mass audience, given the mindshare now controlled by Microsoft (in
        > the closed world) and Linux (in the free world).  So a business model
        > built upon its advantages over those, with the intent of replacement is
        > not going to sell... that being said, there quite probably are niche
        > markets, where special purpose operating systems would have advantages
        > not shared by LinuxWindow... the goal would be to determine where the
        > unique capabilities of Cosy coincide with the needs of a niche (and
        > lucrative) market.  Do you have any ideas on that matter?
         I think you will see that I stress the importance of attacking an
         opening niche in the excerpt , overview.htm , I attached .
         The universality of the foundation expands the domain of application
         only over time . I have attached another recent description from a
         letter to a fund manager I met at a lunch over the summer . He has
         been involved in creating some multi-billion dollar market cap
         companies , mainly health services related , and was seeking $300M
         for his new fund . ( By the way , If you look at the source of these
          HTML attachments , you will see the boilerplate formatting is done
          with a bit of embedded K.CoSy code . )
         The problem with describing an initial "niche" for CoSy is that ,
         to use multidimensional imagery , it essentially provides a change
         of basis for one's interaction with their machine . Thus its domain
         of application intrinsically cuts across traditional divisions .
         For instance , it's not possible to separate computation from word
         processing . In all CoSys since the earliest days , I've counted the
         words in any document I'm working on , by essentially executing
           +/ " " = text
         adding up the spaces between the words . And , if I wanted to add
         a word to my vocabulary to encapsulate that , I would execute
           `WordCount : { +/ " " = RA }
         to make the new verb "WordCount" so from then on , I could just write
           WordCount text
         to accomplish the same thing . ( RA stands for Right Argument . )
         It's hard to predict how rapidly additional applications would evolve
         given today's web community support facilities .
         The initial niche I see is very banal everyday tasks : diary/organizer
         and email in particular . But ( picking on your math background ) I see
         it kind of like the Felix Klein's book I never read but love the title :
         "Elementary Mathematics from an Advanced Standpoint" .
         The initial market is tek oriented executive level individuals .
         I use an email program "PocoMail" ( ) because
         the straight-jacket of MS's Outlook quickly drove me nuts . ( Until the
         Web obsoleted CompuServe , I did all my email directly thru CoSy . )
         PocoMail has a scripting language in it . But , it is idiosyncratic
         and only useful for PocoMail . So not worth my time to learn .
         I therefore have found myself compelled to build a bunch of words and
         a mess of sentences in  K.CoSy  to read in my email from PocoMails files
         and apply an evolving sequence of filters to get rid of the torrents of
         spam . PocoMail is simply too clumsy to do the sorts of things I am
         doing . And there is no language in Outlook to do anything at all .
         I thank you for your feedback . There are not that many people I could
         write all this to with the expectation that it may be understood .
         I will be very interested the thoughts Yossi Ben Dak , the individual
         I mentioned in my first post , wants to discuss . He may have some
         solid ideas as to an initial motivating market .
         I hope I'm piquing your interest enough to take a deeper look at what
         CoSy currently is and the possibilities it implies .
        Peace thru Freedom ,
        Bob A
         Bob Armstrong -- -- 212-285-1864
        Computing Environment :
        A WTC vision :
        Badnarik , Libertarian for President  :
           For Senator from NY :
                        2004/10/09 11:13:02 AM
    Ultimate Executive NoteComputer
    Note : I reserve the right to post all communications I receive or generate to CoSy website for further reflection .

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