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Subject: [svfig] CoSy now on YouTube & GitHub
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2017 14:53:15 -0700
From: Bob Armstrong <bob@cosy.com>
To: Silicon Valley Forth Interest Group <svfig@zork.net>

I've now got 3 screen presentations of CoSy up on the Coherent Systems YouTube channel :
  • CoSy_20170302 | A more teky demo and philosophy motivating CoSy . My excuse for the playlist's  absence of of polish is that it's no worse than some SV-FIG .  And at least it's UP .
  • CoSy 20170308 1314 |  Specifically motivated by the translation of the Morse code Curtis Schreier included in an email on 0302. given that in the course of some discussion , apparently last October , I had read in from somewhere a dictionary between morse and the standard alphabet .

    So the vid is a challenge to see a demonstration of the same task in some Python environment given that seems to be the prime conventional , ie : not Forth based , alternative  .
Complementing the YouTube channel is uploading CoSy code to https://github.com/CoSyBob/CoSy following advice from Bill Wong in exchange on his http://electronicdesign.com/blog/forth-redefined  article mentioned by David Jaffe on SV-FIG , 0202. .

GitHub is a real equalizer , particularly since I'm just learning it .  Go Forth and Branch and merge .

Add value .

Bob A
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