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    CoSyMidWinter 16
    will be at Tony's 176+1%2 Mulberry , the Little Italy landmark
    I described in my City Council testimony against the extension of the Drug War to tobacco in bars . Figure I'll get there around 19:00 , fish , maybe , around 20:30 .

    One restless night last August , in the midst of this year of the US Government Gone Crazy and the global and local depression it is causing , I had the vision below , which people who know me know is not that improbable : If I grabbed the center of an "all connect graph" and pulled it into a cone , It would form a very strong and beautiful structure which could be a unifying shell for the World Trade Center site .

    A central motivation in my creation of the CoSy environment in the most powerful programming notations existing is to be able to "solve" in a timely fashion complex algorithms such as that to compute the parts list of 492 "beams" required to actually construct the spire . Being able to , I was compelled to show that IT CAN BE DONE .

    Many people immediately and viscerally feel like I do that the Spire represents the enduring spirit of our City at the beginning of this 3rd Millennium better than do the elaborated themes of the 9 solicited designs , which tend all too much to the funereal , the fractured and the bent . Frankly the original Yamasaki design , strengthened with all we have learned , would be more majestic than any of the solicited designs .

    If the Spire inspires you too , if you want it to be your legacy too , spread the vision .
    If you have media contacts , make them aware that there exists this powerful option .
    Only if People know , can People choose ; only with a very loud voice from many People will the Spire become the legacy of our times .

    Hope to see youall at Tony's on Mid Winter , while relaxing with a smoke in a bar does not yet make you a criminal .

    Commerce not Conflict ; Peace thru Freedom : Bob Armstrong

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    Note : I reserve the right to post all communications I receive or generate to CoSy website for further reflection .

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