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8-9:30|  Crains NY  . Breakfast Forum with the Mayor  Views/Giuliani/Crains98  .
 Hyatt Grand Central ( Park  Avenue at Grand Central ) . $20
This is the first politician speech I have ever attended , and was most incredibly internally redundant speech I`ve ever heard . -- But it makes the main points stick .

Open Cable News Market
E-mails , etc in support of Mayor`s support of Free Market in Cable News Outlets versus Time/Warner/Turner
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Lost notice of accidentally deleted reply from City hall |13:20| Fed O+ Judge
 found against city . | Employees Bloomberg 1000 Fox 1400
 | TedTurner deposition : who gets bread taken off table ? NY or GA ?

To:    RudolphGiuliani  > ;
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Subject:    Lost reply from youall

 In a rare accidental pressing of Y instead of N , I deleted what appeared to
 be a reply from youall to a message I sent  TUE.OCT,961015,14:57 :

       Subj: Open Information Market : YES !

 The message is now included in  .

 Please resend any reply you may have sent .  Thank you .

     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -

 Let me repeat my thanks and support for your defense of a free market in
 news and information - essential for a global capital .

 What`s  Denise Cote`s  relationship with TimeWarner&Turner ?  She should
 have made it clear that while the City`s standing and argument are strained
 , the city`s information plumbing must be run on a free market basis , and
 TW&T is equally subject to the 1st ammendment and must open its market
 immediately .

 What`s with 2 copies of TW&T`s  NY1  anyway ?
-- BobA --
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Subj: Lost reply from youall
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By MICHAEL BLOOD Associated Press Writer
NEW YORK (AP) -- The mayor's office violated the First Amendment and federal law by moving to allow the Fox News Channel to operate on a city-controlled cable TV channel, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.
The decision was a victory for Time Warner Inc., which controls the city's largest cable system, and a defeat for Rupert Murdoch's Fox channel. Fox executives had enlisted the help of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani in an attempt to gain a spot on Time Warner's system.
The ruling by U.S. District Judge Denise Cote temporarily blocks the city from carrying the all-news programming on the city-run channels.
"The city's action violates longstanding First Amendment principles that are the foundation of our democracy," the judge wrote in the 106-page decision.
The city announced it would appeal. "We believe the judge is ... incorrect as to the facts and erroneous as to the law," said Paul Crotty, the city's top lawyer.
The dispute spotlighted the continuing feud between Murdoch and Time Warner's largest shareholder, CNN founder Ted Turner, who has accused his rival of wooing Giuliani's support by employing the mayor's wife and endorsing his 1993 candidacy.
The case has attracted wide attention in the cable industry because it raised the potential for opening new commercial uses for channels normally used for broadcasting government meetings and community bulletin boards.
As a condition for approving the Turner-Time Warner merger, federal regulators required Time Warner to carry another news channel, in addition to CNN, on some of its cable systems.
The court began in September, when Time Warner announced it had chosen MSNBC, the 24-hour news channel started by NBC and Microsoft Corp., instead of Fox as its second news channel.
Murdoch's News Corp. accused Time Warner of backing out of a deal to carry the Fox channel, and the mayor's office jumped in on the side of Fox.
Unable to persuade Time Warner to make way for Fox, the city then moved to put Fox and the Bloomberg News Service on several cable channels controlled by the city, which usually carry such things as educational shows and government programming.
The Bloomberg channel appeared briefly last month before Time Warner filed a complaint and Cote stepped in and temporarily blocked the programming. Wednesday's preliminary injunction extends that ban while the judge hears arguments in Time Warner's case against the city, which could take months or years to resolve.
The city has argued it acted to protect hundreds of jobs the Fox Channel, based in Manhattan, will bring to the city. Administration lawyers have dismissed accusations of political motivation or that it acted in retaliation against Time Warner.

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To:    RudolphGiuliani  >   ;
Subject:       Open Information Market : YES !
 Dear Mayor Giuliani ,

 The " Capital of the World " requires access to global views .

 The 1st ammendment prohibition of government monopoly of information flow
 cannot allow the licensing of a private monopoly of that information flow .

 I passionately support your defense of an open market in information against
 the ugly attempts by TimeWarner.Turner to use their local monopoly to
 destroy their major , most resourceful , global competitors .

 They seem already to have removed UN-TV just as I became aware of it .

 You will see from  that I have
 disagreed as passionately with your actions when I have seen them as
 anti-free-market .

 See also :      | InformedUnderstandings

 And ,  on a separate matter I need to resolve with the NYC commuinity :   | CoSy/TranSport/Regulations

 about the Manhattan MotorBoards you may have seen beginning to appear on
 the streets .

 -- Towards an open , honest society --
                                  -- BobA --
          BobArmstrong                                     CoherentSystems
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  42 PeckSlip 4B | NYC NY 10038                    

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To:   >          From: Bob Armstrong - CoSy -
Subj: Open Information Market : YES !
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Message sent to >        |TUE.OCT,961015,14:57 |

Dregs : \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \
 Where are the Fed AntiTrust people ?
 Its about much more than countable jobs . Federal Cable Act .
 Clearly the Franchise agreement is unconstitutional .
 It is absolultely in the citizenry`s intrest to maintain an open market in
 information sources .
 Rupert Murdock represents Only off shore voice .


Comments & Flyer on Mayor`s takeover of the unloading of Semi Trailers at the Fulton Fish Market
  ============================ THU.FEB,960215 ============================
 The area is no longer under massive police occupation like it was for
 several months . Unfortunately , the months of having to walk around at
 least 2 cops to get into it , killed McMinamin`s Paris Cafe , downstairs ,
 which had been successfully operating since 1988.11 .
  ============================ WED.DEC,951206 ============================
 The lack of justification and blunderbuss style of actions of NYC`s mayor
 detailed below should be judged against the precise , detailed indictment of
 Diawa Bank by Federal agencies to support their expulsion of Daiwa from
 the US a couple of weeks later . Gulliani is being taken to court by the
 displaced businesses and Laro has been accused of improprieties of its own .


         Giuliani : Republican
         Soviet Socialist style

  ============================ MON.OCT,951016 ============================
 Last night I witnessed the destruction of an efficient free market with
 6 active competitors , by a police enforced state monopoly - without due
 process - on the pretext of vague McCarthyite  allegations of ' mob
 connections ' .

 Don`t expect to find fish in your stores and menus at competive prices in
 New York anymore . Rather than proving the city-connected Laro can
 competitively do the job , RudyGiuliani just seized the business like Truman
 seizing the steel industry in 1952 which required the U.S. Supreme Court to
 declare unconstitutional . How can a New York citizen have any faith that
 this back room installation of cronies is more fair than the Clintons`
 firing of the WhiteHouse Travel staff to make room for their Arkansas pals ?

 To the surprize of no-one around here , this exercise in police enforced
 state take-over is disasterously inefficient .
 Looking out my window at noon on monday there were at least a dozen
 semi-trailers lined as far as I can see under the FDR who have just lost a
 days revenue because of the astoundingly ill-concieved and clumsily executed
 action . Tonight , things continue to move at a snail`s pace compared to the
 normal , and necessary , frenetic bustle .

 Review of Giuliani`s record reveals a fundamental distrust of the apparent
 chaos of capitalism . No wonder he supported Cuomo .
 He is proving himself a   Police State Liberal  .
                                       | DDT   |>| MON.OCT,951016,22:44

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 Last week  What a disgusting couple of weeks .
 In the second disgusting arrogant

UPne 10/16 0002  NYC fights fish market mob activity
   NEW YORK, Oct. 15 (UPI) -- Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, claiming something was
fishy about businesses unloading seafood at the landmark Fulton Fish Market,
replaced them Sunday night and sent 200 riot police to make sure no trouble
   Authorities say the Laro Miantenence Corp. replaces six unlicensed
businesses that had ties to organized crime and skimmed profits from the
city-owned market that does an estimated $1 billion in sales annually.
   The Genovese crime family is suspected of laundering money and extorting a
percentage of profits from dealers at the market in Lower Manhattan, according
to federal and state law enforcement officials.
   Saturday, the six unlicensed firms that had been in charge of unloading 150
million pounds of seafood at the market each year were expelled by the city.
   "The goal of all of this is to restore real competition to the market,"
said Mayor Rudolph Giuliani .
   Employees of the Laro company were required to undergo rigorous background
checks to ensure they did not have ties to the mob, according to city
   In the hours before Laro took over unloading operations at the market,
workers who lost their jobs were busy distributing fliers critcal of the
mayor. The leaflets said the new regulations will  "destroy" the Fulton Fish
Market, driving seafood companies across the Hudson River to New Jersey.
   "We estimate this will result in a 20 percent reduction in the cost of
doing business at the market," said Randy Mastro, a spokesman for the mayor.
   In recent months, the mayor has spearheaded a campaign to rid the Manhattan
fish markets of organized crime.
   A fire swept through the cobblestoned South Street facility in March after
the city announced an investigation into organized crime activity at the
seafood market. Investigators said the fire was intentionally set to destroy
business records contained in the building.
   "This is just one step -- but an important step in getting the Fulton Fish
Market free of the influence of organized crime," Giuliani said.
   While the mayor maintained the expulsion of the unloading companies marked
a blow against the mob, many laborers who had lost their jobs led vocal
protests near market Sunday night.
   "I don't know what the mayor is talking about. I put in 10-, sometimes
12-hour days, busting my neck down here," said former fish market worker,
Rocky Tavola. "If somebody was getting rich down here, it sure wasn't me."

UPne 10/15 2240  NYC fights fish market ``mob activity''
   NEW YORK, Oct. 15 (UPI) -- About 200 police officers in riot gear were
dispatched (Sunday night) to Manhattan's Fulton Fish Market to prevent any
"incidents" as a new seafood unloading company began operations. Authorities
say the Laro company replaces six unlicensed businesses that had ties to
organized crime and skimmed profits from the city-owned market that does an
estimated $1 billion in sales annually.
  =HP========================= WED.OCT,951018 ============================
AP 18 Oct 95 17:13 EDT V0230           NYC Mayor Takes On Fish Market
   NEW YORK (AP) -- No Ipswich clams at the Oyster Bar? No sea bass at Fishin
   Blame it on trouble at the Fulton Fish Market, which the mayor is trying
to wrest from the mob that has controlled it since Calvin Coolidge was in the
White House.
   Hundreds of police officers marched into the nation's largest fish market
this week as the city replaced six truck-unloading companies suspected of
ties to the Mafia.
   In reaction, market workers staged a brief wildcat strike Monday, backing
trucks up for blocks and forcing restaurants to scramble for new suppliers of
   The approximately 40 old truck unloaders stand accused of extracting
payoffs to speedily unload about 500,000 pounds of highly perishable cargo
daily. The unloaders say they are guilty of no more than hauling 100-pound
boxes at 3 a.m. in freezing cold and sweltering heat.
   "I was born with a fishhook in my hand and fish juice in my mouth,"
boasted Gennaro Prisinzano, head of one unloading company.
   Hours before the strike, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani marched triumphantly
through the lower Manhattan market, evoking memories of Mayor Fiorello La
Guardia dumping illegal slot machines into the East River in the 1930s.
   The former mob-busting federal prosecutor was unapologetic after the
strike and threatened to shut the place down temporarily, if that's what it
   "It would be better for the city, actually, not to have the Fulton Fish
Market if it's going to be operated the way it's been," Giuliani said.
   The mob may feel the same way -- it's suspected of burning down a market
building in March, when a reform law was moving through the City Council.
   Fish was unloaded smoothly on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. But the
mayor, who has long bemoaned the cost of a "mob tax" on the market, conceded
that fish prices might even rise.
   Still, he said, "Ultimately, if we can straighten out the problems ...
consumers will pay less."
   The market occupies several blocks on the edge of the East River. Trucks
loaded with crates of fish from Maine to Florida line up each morning. Crews
use forklifts to move the fish to the stalls of about 60 wholesalers, where
retailers from around the metropolitan area come to examine the catch.
   Before dawn Wednesday the market was, by recent standards, quiet. A chilly
wind blew off the river and the air was filled with the smell of fish.
   Police stood watch as the old unloaders glowered from behind barricades at
the men hired to do their jobs. There were no incidents.
   But the police "can't stay here forever," said a husky, middle-aged man
who would not give his name. A few of his friends wore T-shirts showing
Giuliani with a Hitler moustache.
   The old unloaders say the new company, which has never handled seafood
before, isn't up to it. "Monday into Tuesday and Tuesday into Wednesday are
the slowest nights at the market," said Gerald McMahon, the unloaders'
lawyer. "The end of the week is another story."
   "I got everything I wanted today, but I don't know what's going to happen
tomorrow," said Sandy Ingber, buyer for the Oyster Bar, which serves about
1,500 meals a day. Earlier in the week he was unable to get New Zealand
mussels or Ipswich clams and spent hours on the phone lining up alternate
   "We could do without the fish market, but I don't want to," he said. "I
want to SEE the fish I buy before it's delivered to the restaurant."
  ============================ TUE.NOV,951107 ============================
Reprinted changing : ' do the job , he just seized '

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