Millennium Marijuana March

a pleasant sight ,
but it is
the USA today :

Context : The War on (Some) Drugs .

I applaud Dana Beal`s accomplishment in creating a coordinated global day of pleasant events at which the State can display it`s use of Force , virtually for its own sake , to control peaceful fellow citizen`s lives .

I know Dana has as many detractors as fans among those with the same goal of ending this unconstitutional prohibition , and I can understand why .
But Dana does succeed in bringing together a rainbow of , what has to be , , 10000 peaceful people who happen to be pot heads .

The accent on music groups ( you can imagine he gets some good music groups ) is undoubtedly a reason for his success .

Unfortunately , I feel , from the point of view of having real political impact to end this madness , the resource was squandered terribly .

None of us who are waging the war to actually get the representation our numbers warrant , to actually start using our damn VOTE , and our ability to get out and do the Ward Healing to motivate our friends and neighbors of whatever pharmaceutical persuasion to join us , to display the political muscle to attack this Statist criminalization of simply being human ;
None of us who are actually running for Political Office against Giuliani and Hillary and their allies got a chance to speak to Assembled Crowd while they were fresh . Below is the Speech I prepared , which if it was to be delivered at all had to be delivered when the energy was high . I really am looking for warriors to get together a Mid-Summer Party at Coney Island in my district .

The Election of the Millennium is This November 7 . Next year`s march won`t have the same leverage .

  • Prepared Speech ( undelivered ) The excercise appears to have been useful . Chris Garvey says the speech I did give ( video to come ) was much tighter than previous efforts .
  • Overall Campaign Plan
  • Me describing the Police violence around the peaceful crowd as the African veldt
    quoted by Preston Peet in High Times Magazine .

    Photos :

  • Good pictures including me and Senate candidate John Clifton From Bill St. Clair

    Stories & Articles

  • Reefer Madness Afflicts Rudy's NY by Deborah Small
      Final Event Agenda 
      Parade Details  

    # Prepared Speech
                 " MY FELLOW   - -  CRIMINALS "
     One year ago , right here from Dana Beal`s Bully Pulpit ,
     that`s the way , I announced my JIHAD , my holy war ,
     to replace Jerrold Nadler as the voice of this
     Congressional District here on the tip of
     Our Capital of the World where we are now
     Assembled under the Protection of FIRST AMENDMENT of
     the  BILL of RIGHTS  which the People living here
     208 years ago  DEMANDED
     before they would agree to Constituting a
     Federal Government  with the  POWER to use FORCE
     to , in JEFFERSON`s words ,
           Restrain US from injuring one another .
     These Honorable men agreed to create a system of
     Courts and Police and Prisons to provide collective
     protection against those who would use Fraud or
     Force in their relations with others .
     They recognized that bestowing this power on a Political
     Class was very dangerous and tried to structure a
     government which would restrain that Force and prevent its
     use of fraud .
     Today , in the year 2000 , the Government has
     metastasized into a leviathan which has become criminal
     itself  by criminalizing us its citizens for all sorts of
     things from failing to properly fill out some of its
     unending flood of forms  to  growing and using certain
     plants which humanity has used since before recorded
     history - for instance  Marijuana , Ipoga & Coca .
     The Political Class says we are not wise enough ,
     charitable enough , or moral enough to run our own lives
     . Therefore they have to take our money , and sometimes
     even put us in prison for our own good .
     The State makes large classes of citizens criminal , not
     for injuring another citizen , not on the basis of a
     complaint by one citizen that another did him wrong --
     The State becomes not just the Court and the Prosecutor ,
     but the Accuser too .
     This is profoundly wrong and corrupt .
     And now the Corruption has become Total .
     The Court , which the merchants and farmers here
     200 years ago instiutued to provide redress
      -- short of direct revenge by the injured individual --
     for damage by Fraud or Force --
     The Court , which therefore seeks and depends on the
     finding of  TRUTH  above all else .
     The Court , has been corrupted to its absolute core -
     It has condoned  PERJURY  by the individual elected to
     represent the  Honor  of the State .
     The RULE of LIE  has replaced the  RULE of LAW .
     While joking he`d inhale now , Bill Clinton has put
     more Citizens guilty of injuring no-one other than ,
     perhaps , themselves , in prison than anyone else in
     American History .
     What has this to do with US ?
     What has this to do with the
     image behind me ?
     This picture is not unique .
     This picture of a SWAT Machine Gun
     pointed in a Hispanic kid`s face
     has happened lots of times to
     lots of families right here in the Capital of the World .
     For all sorts of reasons -- but mostly as casualties
     of the Unconstitutional Substance Prohibition War
     being conducted by the State upon Its Citizens .
     Kids have been torn away by overwhelming use of force ,
     from their Fathers and their Mothers and their Nanas and
     Gramps , and Uncles and Aunts , by the State , for all
     sorts of reasons .
     For at least half a dozen families here in our World
     Capital this last year - - it`s simply been by mistake !
     A wrong Address .
     Perhaps a neighbor , with some bitch or other about the
     family , but too cowardly to deal with it directly ,
     called an 800-snitch number leaving anonymous tips .
       I was born in 1944 . In the `50s , we were told scary
        stories of the Police State behind the Iron Curtain -
        a criminal state where the Gestapo - KGB - Secret
        Police - Special Weapons Attack Teams - broke down
        doors in the middle of the night and rounded up
        families to cart them off to prison on the basis of
        informers tips .
      We are there .  It is Now .
               Let us END the NANNY POLICE STATE
     I am running for US Congress , House of Representatives ,
     New York 8-th District , Right here , and up the West
     Side to , actually 119 , but mainly 89th St , and across
     the Brooklyn Bridge to the wharfs along the water , then
     taking the Gowanas Parkway to Boro Park , and Ocean
     Boulevard down to Coney Island .
      Go to my Web site to see a map of this Gerrymander ,
      and see if you are one of the 600,000 of US in the
      district .
     I am running because I saw on C-SPAN the testimony of
     the six ordinary , W2 wage workers in the White House
     Travel office , some of whom had been falsely arrested
     and imprisoned in closed vans , some of whom had to
     defend themselves against going to prison for years for
     false charges of embezzlement - orchestrated by Hillary
     Clinton to clear out a job for one of Bill`s kissing
     cousins .
     I am running because my opponent  Jerrold Nadler lied
     repeatedly while acting essentially as a criminal defense
     attorney on the Judiciary committee , lied every time he
     claimed no wrong doing had ever been proven against the
     Clintons .
     I am also running , because at exactly the same time
     Mr Schippers was delivering his devastating factual
     record of Bill Clinton`s Lies and Conspiracy ,
     One of Giuliani and Safir`s Courteous Respectful Punks
     was fabricating in court , a few blocks from here , a
     scene which did not happen , to justify his seizure of my
     MotorBoard at a stoplight . The record is on my Web Site
     Judge for yourself .
      Incidentally the American Government is now far and away
       the greatest thief in history . It seizes over 600
       million $ in property each year while all bank robber
       together total less than 30 .
      In the last year Giuliani & Safir have seized at least
       $3M worth of cars , many on the basis of chemical tests
       at roadblocks .
       The Very first such seizure was so patently corrupt and
       unsubstantiated that it was thrown out of court a year
       after the damage had been done .
                IF I GET  100,000 VOTES  WE WIN .
       The job pays  $141,000 , and carries about a $3 billion
       responsibility .
     If you are not registered , go over to the LIBERTARIAN
     table and get a registration form and REGISTER .
     Get to know why the Libertarian Party can be rightly
     called "The Party of Principle" .
     Join us .
      Manhattan and Brooklyn Chapters have sprouted just this
      year . Our Senatorial candidate , taking on Giuliani and
      Clinton , John Clifton , is from the Queens Chapter .
      Bronx & Staten Island , you`re welcome in Manhattan .
     If you are Web Wise , contact us and join the
     discussion .
     If you are one of the 600 thousand of US in the 8th
     district , and have the ability to master , or mistress ,
     a web page , take responsibility for your neighborhood ,
     or apartment block , contribute a web page about your
     neighborhood , what is happening , images of what life is
     like there -- Let`s fill the district map on the
     boba-in-y2k website with stick pins linking to all our
     slices of life here in our Capital .
     I need to get  3500  signatures to get on the ballot -
     its one of those  Election Regulations designed to keep
     things  Fair - Yea Right - Fair for the Republocrats .
     These have to be gathered in 5 weeks starting the last
     half of July .  We need people willing to get out on
     their streets and engage their neighbors to expand
     their choices on this vote and give themselves the
     opportunity to
     Vote for Peace and Freedom for a Change .
     If you`ve got any money left over that the Government
     has not TAKEN for your old age , or because they are more
     charitable than you are ,
     If you`ve got any money left over , Money buys the
     megaphone . We need the LOUDest Megaphone we can buy .
     I spent $375 on this banner . I will be hanging it out
     my fire escape by the Fish Market by where traffic piles
     up most work day mornings on the FDR .
     If you have money , you can buy  Us  a $1000 megaphone .
     Beyond that , your speech is subject to the 785 pages
     of  Federal Election Swiss Cheese  I`ve received since
     filing to run .
     That same mass of Regulations require I deliver to THEM
     your Name , Address , Occupation , and Employer .
     Since they make this public , I put it up ( except your
     exact address ) on boba-in-y2k as I get it .
     In addition , for every dollar you donate , you may add
     a byte of code or commentary to be posted with your .
     Donate a bunch , and that can include a link with a
     banner .
     If you live in the district , you get 2 bytes per buck .
     Finally , I`m well known   among the people who know
     me well , for giving great parties ( A skill Dana
     clearly has also ) .
     I announced my Battle to become the Voice of this
     District at my  14th MidWinter Party  February 4th .
     That`s why this shirt I have on is long sleeve .
     I`m planning to spend a lot of our funds on a series of
     parties in each of the neighborhoods of the district
     starting with a MidSummer party  August 5 at Coney
     Island . If you can help make this real , let Us know
     at the Libertarian table , or join the conversation on
     the Web .
                     LETS LIGHT THIS CANDLE !
    Final Event Agenda
         stop all cannabis arrests. stop the lies. release the medicine. heal
                           the sick. end the prison state.
                                   cures not wars.
                                212-677-4899; 353-1608
    Schedule of events, NYC:
     9AM to 12:30 Picket Washington Square Park and send folks Broadway and
     Houston, with additional pickets at Sheridan Square, Pacific Union clothing
     on 6th Ave, Panchito's on MacDougal, 204 Thompson St, CVS Pharmacy on
     Bleecker, and at the subway stops on 6th at Waverly and 4th St.
     Assembly is on Houston St from Lafayette to Wooster, from noon to 1 pm.
     March starts down Broadway at 1 pm sharp, but BEST CAMERA VANTAGE is two
     blocks south of Canal on the east side of the street as the parade
     approaches at around 1:20 PM.
     March reaches City Hall just before 2 PM. Battery Park 2:20 PM.
    Partial May 5 Speakers List for New York City Battery Park
     Mike Ruppert, ex-narc who confronted the head of the CIA
     Dhoruba bin Wahad, ex-Panther, prisoner & Drug War issues
     Playthel Benjamin, columnist fired by the DAILY NEWS for one too many pot
     Jim & Cheryl Miller (medical marijuana crusaders) & Carl Renfro (her son
      just treated with Ibogaine)
     Elvy Musika, legal cannabis patient
     Chris Brodeur (victim of Giuliani GULAG)
     Robert Letterman (41-time Giuliani free speech victim)
     Dianne Fornbacher, poetess, aka Honeybud Weedwhacker
    |( Did not speak . )|
     Norman Siegal, New York CIvil Liberties Crusader against summary NYPD
      execution of drug offenders
    |( Side staged . Just token audiences and a few cameras . )|
     Scotty Jay, Legalize!     |( Running against Rangle , groking Libertarian )|
     Bob Armstrong, LIbertarian
     John Clifton, Libertarian
    Partial New York City Band List
     David Peel and the Lower East Side     High Times Cannabis Cup Band
     Matty Wailer                           Redrum
     Gargantua Soul                         Channel Live
     The Visitors                           Jane Blaze
     Vacant Lot                             Jenny B.
     Master Ace                             Buckshot Shorty
     Coco Brovas
     Parade Detail Summary : 
     NYC Parade Details 
     NEW YORK, NY. Cures Not Wars , 9 Bleecker, N.Y.C.
     10012. USA. > Tel: 212-677-7180 Fax: 212-353-1670. Media: 677-4899
     If you are from the New York area, you can come to meetings on Sundays at 6
     at # 9 Bleecker St one block west of the Bowery. We also have trainings on
     Saturday at noon, meeting up in front of the Washington Square Hotel until
     1pm, then at Bleecker & MacDougal until 2pm. You can also send yr postal
     address for a free infopack, or just call us at 212-677-7180.
    On Saturday, May 6th, gather south of Washington Square Park (but not IN the
     park) from 11 to 12:30; walk south to Houston street and a block or so east &
     you'll hit the "official" parade assembly point (it's too small) at Houston
     & Broadway. March leaves promptly at 1 PM, reaches City Hall Park just
     before 2pm.
    We're encouraging people to "wait for the parade" at city hall, demonstrating
     against rudi, instead of down in Battery Park where they just annoy the
     sound crews. They can walk the last 10 blocks like everyone else, and stay
     within our permit, which stipulates that nothing much is supposed to be
     happening before we arrive in force, except vendor set-up and so-on.
    What we Don't want is people harassing the sound people like last
     year because some one told them there's free pot in Battery Park.
     There isn't, and there won't be. There is no helicopter. Pot is not
     legal that day by Mayoral proclamation!
    Not only that, last year there were 43 arrests in or around
     Washington Square Park, 47 in Battery Park, but only 12 on the entire
     march. Therefore the safest place to be is on the march, which goes
     from 1 to 2:30 PM (the height of the day)-- with chances of arrest
     less than 1 in a thousand. The best thing you can do if you find
     yrself in Battery Park early is to tell everyone to go back up to
     City Hall.  /  Dana/cnw