From: Matthew Paul Walker <>
Date: 2017-09-21 12:22
To: Bob Armstrong <>

Robert Armstrong, 

If the $500 deposit-refund I gave you isn't mailed out by the last day if September, I will have the judge force you to pay it to me.  Since you illegally evicted me and combined that with physical assault and threats of future assault- i have the option to have the court force you to refund this deposit as well as cover all my move out expenses and the cost of emergency hotel rooms.  

The court has already sent me the paperwork asking me how much of my expenses and costs I want you to cover- but I am just going to allow you to give me the deposit instead because I know you are low on money. 

If you want to be smart, you will do the honest thing and not make yourself look worse in front of the judge.    

Thank you in advance for choosing the smart path.  Although you cannot reply to this email, you are legally required to refund the deposit to my mailing address.  The address to mail my deposit to is: 

Matt Walker
1067 E. US highway 24 #234
Woodland Park, Co 80863


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