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For my last CoSy Midwinter party in Rochester NY ( See
Language/CoSyEvolution I happened to plot the relationship between the position of the sun and the mean temperature thru the year as noted in the invitation below . I`ll admit I didn`t work out the precise geometry of insolation at any particular temperate latitude based on season , just used a pure sine as a first approximation . So , it was interesting to see that the mean historic temperature differed from the sine by only about .04 of total variance .
The temperature data is actually monthly data from Buffalo NY which is the closest place I could find data for . As I remember , it represented about the first half of the century . It is interesting to see how regular it ends up being on average .
Note also , that the temperature lags the amount of insolation by only a couple of weeks . How , given this small inertia , could any effect of change of atmospheric composition take decades to show up as "greenhouse gases" are claimed to ?

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