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Email to Tom Zimmer chief author of Win32forth .
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Subject:  Using your Win32Forth
 Tom ,                                    | SUN.JUL,980712,22:34-4 |
                                          | TUE.JUL,980714,19:27-4 |

 You may have seen some of my postings rubbing
  comp.lang.forth and comp.lang.apl  together with the hope of creating a
 little light .

 In Rome week after this , I`m going to be telling the APL community that
 the future of my APL based  CoSy  will be written upon  Win32Forth .
 You can follow the Teky paths in  to see where I`m coming
 from .
 This by no means means I`m abandoning APL .

 I find the work evident in your evolution of Open Forth since Perry & Laxen
 awesome .
 The recent discussion of SwiftForth interestingly further persusaded me that
 your effort is the only alternative precisely because you have constructed
 the whole windowed editing environment in your own open code .
 I want control over , in particular , the interface between me and my
 machine which BillGates has tryed his best to usurp .

 See  FreewareRevenueModel  for my thoughts on the necessity of open Web
 communities supporting any language .
 In it , I mention wanting to ask you what your RevenueModel is .
 How do you afford the time you put into Win32forth ?

 Toward the end of the material above , I comment on many attributes of CoSy
 you have convergently recreated . There are 2 significant differences .

  The first thing I aim to do is , essentially combine  WinView  and the
   Forth Consol so that , like Current CoSy , I can execute the lines I`m
   working on within the script I`m editing , and have any results inserted
   in the script . Cf:  \COSY\CAL96!CoSyGatheringų960204.Invite 
   I have been drilling the DEBUG of  QUIT  and EDIT to grok the structure
   of the system .  Win32forth  is a lot to learn .

  More profoundly , I intend to restructure the system itself incorporating
  the notions outlined in my  Language/LowDownObjects 
  and ArthurWhitney`s   K language   .

  Download Arthur`s demo version . Someone knowing nothing more about
  programming than what they learned at Wharton will learn the essence of
  computer science in 1 or 2 days . And be master of an awesomely powerful
  computing environment . But his syntax is a backward step from APL even .
  See my comments at  COSY/LANGUAGE/#K 

 For we , and there aint many of us , who have have lived our lives so much
 in language of our own creation , joining a open web language community
 is a humbling experience .
 And a whole hell of a lot of work .
 After Rome , I`ll be putting a lot of effort into making the block of time
 needed to get the first step above done -- which inevitably will inform me
 about the existing structures with which to implement step 1 ( 0 origin , of
 course ) .

 I look forward to mutually intelligible future .

 -- BobA --           |SUN.JUL,980719,14:25-4|

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