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Below is discussion and thought about the crucial question of how you generate income from software when the best is free and open on the Web . It began with the following exchange with JayWhipple3 who created Security APL , now a part of CheckFree .
>  I still see potential synergies in having client side intelligence
>  complementing the best that can be provided by a server .
 Your instincts are right here and something that was missing from the old
 Security APL and even the new Checkfree. The dilemma is in the revenue
 model of software sales versus valued added recurring revenues of
 user/transaction fees.  You may be interested in seeing your model at work
 in a small company in Portland:  Their Money Pad
 product is an instance of a PFA(Personal Financial Appliance).

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    Sat Jul 18 13:31:54 1998	From: Bob Armstrong 
Organization: Coherent Systems
To: Jay Whipple III 		Subject: Revenue Model

JayWhip ,                      | DDT   |>| FRI.FEB,980220,15:15-5      |

 Jay ,                         | DDT   |>| SUN.MAR,980301,10:20-5      |

 You`ll see below I`ve done a lot of thinking about your question of
 RevenueModel for software when the best is now the product of free
 communities .

 Even BillG has capitulated to the pandemic ascendance of HTML as the first
 universal computer language . ( See  cosy/language/html&apl  . )

 I`ve mentioned this question of RevenueModel in a number of conversations
 recently including lunch with MobileComputing magazine Thursday , and
 EricBaelen CEO of Lex2000 ( BB:LXTO ) which owns the old Manugistics non
 mainframe assets including the STSC APL current CoSy is built in .

 What I`ve come back to concluding is that My  RevenueModel  is to sell some
 individuals like you that I can create a computer ( computing environment )
 which is useful to You as well as myself .

 I was interested to see you are a director of  .
 I think you understand that I need and use a general purpose environment of
 which automated banking is just one task .
 Fundamentally , its about assisting me in maintaining all my relationships
 from communicating with counterparties to documenting my accounts with them .

 Pushed to a back burner by the necessities of the above , is the creation of
 multidimensional timeseries visualization and analysis tools only possible
 in APL like language . This is the sort of thing I can see PAWWS tying into
 which could be of unique value .
 A person really needs to be able to Compare the assets in their own
 portfolios rather than just seeing graphs of individual stocks in
 isolation .

 |MON.MAR,980302,5:46-5|  Well , I want to get this off to you , even as it
  is .

  The bottom line is that I see the real revolutionary market being in
  the completed ready to use machine .

     While all CoSy machines are  Windows  compatable ,
         only CoSy machines are CoSy compatible .

  And you can make the CoSy do whatever you need it to do in the open
  coherent language it is written in , supported by a web community .

 There definitely is a difference to be made in this domain .

 I look forward to you feedback .

 -- BobA -- 

P.S.:  below and attached are my earlier thoughts and notes .

 |FRI.FEB,980220,15:15-5| \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \
> The dilemma is in the revenue model of software sales versus valued added
> recurring revenues of user/transaction fees.
 Your question of Revenue Model has pervaded my thought for 10 days now .
 I`ve attached an email  to Clark Bruce who runs Soliton , the old IP Sharp ,
  and Alan Graham who has been promulgating his still vaporware language  0 ,
 which provides an update on my path , and mentions your cogent question .

 I want to email  Tom Zimmer  and the handful of other authors of the free
 32 bit Forth I am moving forward in  to ask them what return they get from
 their creation .  It is a massive  high quality product , but must be open
 and free for it to serve its purpose .
 According to  the shareware open source
 code server , Apache , powers more web sites than Netscape and MicroSoft
 combined , and is growing . The reason of course is exactly that a web
 community evolves open code faster - including squashing bugs .

 I`ve never lived my life slowed by concern for the ` RevenueModel  beyond
  being certain I was the one controling the assets .
 I am motivated to put together an interesting and strong biography .
 The next chapter includes making a family . One attraction of the woman
  I am wooing ( negotiating with ) is the clarity of her female focus on
  the bottom line .
 I myself am sick and tired of going off on solo acts that no-one appreciates
 for a decade or two , if ever .

 What is Scott McNeely`s revenue model for Java ?
 It`s kind of like politics - its about power - the money will follow.

> a small company in Portland: Their Money Pad

 My aim is to displace Microsoft as the core user interface
 Win32Forth is a remarkable embodyment of 2 decades of solutions to the
 problem of making a language continuous and open from the hardware up where
 the meaning of each word is fundamentally contained in the word itself .
 But , as a product of such evolution , it is like tax code in its complexity

 addict - Amway distribution model - Years ago a big black guy came up with
 the line : You can get a CoSy or go to college .

 non-programmers will be second class citizens . can't allow child to just be
 user .
 Free to tek elite . charge for documentation . SEMINARS

 comp.lang.forth comments : \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/

(Someone, Brian Kernighan perhaps, quipped:
     What you see is all you get.
     I think that pretty much sums up the dark side of GUI's.)

On the other hand, I find things like Lotus Notes and Microsoft Office
VERY difficult to use on occasion because their interfaces are neither
orthoganal, nor entirely consistent, nor simple, nor, and this is worst,
entirely predictable.  | Dave Kenny 
  -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -

    From: Mary Murphy and Leo Wong  Sat 21:30
 Subject: Re: One-Dimensional Interface of the Future?

Something Ellen Ullman wrote is worth pondering:
"Behind every user-friendly interface is a terrific human contempt."
Leo Wong
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 Letter to Graham & Bruce : \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/
>     From:  Bob Armstrong                            98/02/18 11:28
>  Subject:  Re: comp.lang.?
>     To:    Alan Graham 
>     CC:    "Bruce, Clarke" 
> Alan ,
>  I agree our discussion is useful to clarify our ideas ,
>   but I continue to worry that you are lost in space .
>  I consider it ironic that you attract pretty good crowds to your presentations
>  of your desires at  APL meetings  and virtually no one comes to my presentations
>  of the one system in the world that someone has survived in for more than a
>  decade , or on the excruciatingly concrete foundational issues I presented at ToT .
> |SAT.FEB,980214,11:55-5|
>  Last niet , I sercht for a flame I put out to you on comp.lang.apl a few years ago .
> |WED.FEB,980218,10:48-5|
>  In it I pointed out that any language ( logical structure ) must rest on primitives
>  ( axioms ) which are not in the language .  You seem to ignore this .
>  In any event , our discussions have catalyzed my self-re-baptism into Forth over the
>  weekend .  Clearly I can no longer wait for anyone in the APL world to sign on .
>  I have started a job to accumulate good tags I see on usenet groups , etc . 2 from
>    comp.lang.forth ( the first sounds like JoelKaplan ) :
> > Bernd Paysan
> > "Late answers are wrong answers!"
> >
> >   -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -
> > Jerry Avins
> >           Engineering is the art
> >             of making things you want
> >               from things you can get.
>  As I just wrote to Stevan Apter :
> >  Win32Forth is a remarkable collaboration as have been the earlier freeware Forths .
> >  It now has a windowed interface with scripts that are surprizingly close to the
> >  integrated environment which has made my ancient CoSy survivable . It has a system
> >  of objects which I expect to be able to coerce into creating the generic vector
> >  structures and language to simplify the whole mess . ( It does require groking a
> >  rather enormous vocabulary . )
> >  In the mean time , I can move into an environment which dials my phone from my
> >  notes ( one of the highest uses of the notebook ) and where I can attack whatever
> >  most annoys me about the environment .  I don`t have to wait for Arthur , or Roger
> >  , or John & Peter , or ?&IBM  to  apply their brilliance to it .
>  Jay Whipple , in a recent e-mail asked what the revenue model for software is in
>  these days of free ware [ - when only freeware is competitive ] .
>  Damn essential question .
>  I expect to be moving into a proto-CoSy1 within a month . I`ll be uploading my work
>  as it progresses .
> -- BobA --

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