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  A New Kind of Crime Against Humanity?: The Fossil Fuel Industry's Disinformation Campaign On Climate Change

It's refreshing to have a rational discussion of this most basic physics .

The e notation for powers of 10 has been common in computer languages since the days of Fortran nigh on 50 years ago .

My equation assumes a flat spectrum , that is a neutral gray ball . Thus absorptivity = emissivity = k for all wavelengths and absorptivity from the sun's approximately 6000k black body spectrum is the same as emissivity from our ball at approximately 1/21 that temperature . Thus the k drops out .

This assumption is neutral , not only in the sense that a null hypothesis should be neutral in not presupposing some particular spectrum , it separates out average reflectivity , albedo , from spectrum leaving the pure correlation between the spectra of sources , sinks , and sphere as the factor raising or lowering the equilibrium temperature from the simple unweighted sum of impinging energy .

What most appalls me about the lack of scientific approach to these "climate science" debates is no one seems to actually know how to calculate the temperature of a simple radiantly heated colored ball . I find it inconceivable that anybody could have graduated from a physics program 60 years ago without learning how do the calculation . Yet in 2010 , with the welfare of the world in the balance , I see This one crude , most extreme , in fact impossible , example used as the field's null hypothesis . Explicitly : that without an atmosphere the earth would have a uniform spectrum exhibiting 0.7 absorptivity with respect to the sun's approximately 6000k spectrum , yet 1.0 emissivity with respect to earth's approximately 300k spectrum .

Something is seriously wrong when , tho the actual measured spectrum of the earth , and of course that of the sun , are available , no one does the actual computation . While I go into more detail , with a few lines of executed Array Programming Language , on my website , I don't have the time to mess with the actual full spectra of interest , So I'm offering a meager prize of $300 to any student who gathers and confirms the relevant spectra , and works with me to implement the couple of additional lines of APL needed , and calculates precise equilibrium temperatures for various spectra . The "model" will immediately be able to handle any spectral image of the globe .