I appreciated your comment yesterday about the experience of being on the front lines of representative democracy . I want thank you for including me in your email list altho I'm in Carole Murray's near by district because it's likely to be a rare event that the governor gets up to Teller County .

I want to amplify the couple of comments I made regarding a topic which affects us all because our welfare is optimized when we deal accurately with reality and that takes no notice of political team identification . This concerns the continual "dis"ing of Carbon , the very substance upon which life is built .

Most importantly , first leaving any possible effect on planetary temperature aside , an extra molecule or two of CO2 per 10,000 we may be returning to the atmosphere sequestered in previous incredibly lush ages provably "greens" the planet . Every green tree and blade of grass you see is CO2 + H2O plus ash .  CO2 is the green gas .

Secondly , you will see on my http://CoSy.com that I have studied the classical physics of radiantly heated balls , like our planet , and implemented the most basic equations . Bottom line , the temperature of the earth is constrained to be about 1/21st the temperature the sun decides to be . Astoundingly , the ubiquitous explanation of the "need" for a "greenhouse" effect is an incorrect notion that a radiantly heated white ball will come to a lower temperature than a black ball . Rather than ask you to believe my analysis , I simply strongly suggest that before any actions are taken to make carbon fuels artificially more expensive ,  most hurting , inevitably , the least of us , we demand quantitative experimental validation of the purported "greenhouse" warming effect .

Thank you again for the "heads up" on the community meeting with Governor Ritter . Altho I was quite late , I found it very informative .

Peace thru Freedom ,

-- Bob Armstrong -- http://CoSy.com --